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Fetty Wap


Fetty Wap


Yeah, nigga break it down, nigga break it down
Nigga break it down, nigga break it down
Mhmm... yeah...

Police still 'round, I don't wanna leave, yeah
Always stay 'round, I don't ever leave, yeah
Pull up to the town, I got what you need (skrt skrt)
Owe by the pound, I smoke hella weed, yeah
Gotta lotta cars, if I'm always easy
And I like my cars, a lot of Japanese, yeah
Bitch it's Fetty Wap, what you know it's me, yeah
They know how I rock, I'm your Majesty, yeah
They know how I rock, what you mean bae?
Diamonds all on my watch and its clean bae
Like I'mbouncin', something lean bruh (skrt skrt)
Like I'mbouncin', I'm machine bruh (skrt skrt)
Nigga dis just what I do, this with my team bruh
Nigga I caught no blues, I caught no green
Back up for the zoo, no in between bae
Leave the other crew, they know the name bae
Comin' from the 12, really roll with g's baby
Pull up wit dat then we let it squeeze baby
Nigga you a rat, ain't no in between baby
Smoke 'em like a pack cause a nigga tea baby
A million in my bank, hunnid in my jeans baby
I don't mean to brag but they know it's me baby
Everytime I pull up man I shoot a 3 baby
Nigga's do the pull up they gon' shoot for me baby
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Nigga you a op, I'mma shoot for free baby
Askin' me for guap, I'mma charge a fee baby
Hit the parking lot, sell a pound with ease baby
Make her roll the wood, Make her roll the weed
Trappin' everyday and I never sleep
Colour for your haze when I'm in the breeze (breeze)
This a gucci pack, she say double g's (g's)
Lookin' at my watch it'll make you freeze (freeze)
Catch me in the 12, rolly in the streets (streets)
Saucy with the pots, cookin' up the beef (beef)
Need a Percocet, nigga we can meet (meet)
Twistin' with my wrist, in the kitchen, yeah, yeah
Turnin' on the flame, get you whippin', yeah, yeah
Down for the count and I'm drippin', yeah, yeah
In my bank account a couple million, yeah, yeah
Throw a million up for my children, yeah, yeah

Mhmm... yeah...
When I freezewhen I freeze
When you say what's that? They say double g's (g's)
Wearing that Gucci plat, she say double g's (g's)
Lookin' at my watch and it make you freeze (freeze)
Yeah, yeah
Look how I break it down, look how I break it down
Look how I break it down, look at them come around
Look how I break it down, look how I break it down