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Blood Sweat And Tears


Blood Sweat And Tears

More and More (Live) [Bonus Track]

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Uh huh,
Hey yeah, yeah yeah...
Like medicine baby
you're good for me
Like honey, darlin' girl
I know you're sweet to me
Each passing day,
brings us much closer together
and the love you bring me darlin'
just gets better and better
that's why my love for you
keeps on growin'
more and more
all the time
more and more
all the time, yeah!

Uh huh,
Gonna say it again, now now now
Like a ship that's driftin' baby
you're apart from me
like old man time
you controll my destiny
if from my life, you ever tried to go
it would destroy in a second
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what took a lifetime to mold
that's why my love for you
just keeps on growin'
more and more
all the time
more and more
all the time

Uh huhhhh
Let me hear ya!

As sure as a sunrise
I'll stand by your side
as sure as the daybreak
I'll love you for Heaven's Sake
I'm ready to pay, yeah
my dues for lovin' you
For lovin' you too much woman,
you know I stand accused

and more
all the time
More and More!


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