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Beware of Darkness


Beware of Darkness

Amen Amen

Sometimes I stand on the pier at night
And I wonder how everything is gonna be alright
It's so dark, you can't tell the sky from the water
That if I fell, I do believe I'd never ever hit bottom

If you believe in me, I can do anything,

Sometimes I forget that I'm alive
Until I feel your hand, pulse in mine
Your raspberry lips
They breathe color color into me

Like reds, and blues, and purple, yellow too, and violet, and silver, and turquoise too

If you believe in me, I can do anything
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Elly, Elly, don't you go now

Sometimes when I wake up
And watch you put on make up
I forget that one day you're gonna die

'Cause to me you are forever and everything

Elly you disappeared
Come back into my life

If you believe in me, I can do anything