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Come With Dis

all my life I had to struggling
watch my momma struggling
she told me son you can't trust these niggas cause they counterfit
'member first day of school there wouldn't a thing that I ain't get
she did everything for me when we had no lights to switch
so I jumpped up off the pourch start banging got a doller quick
my momma started doin drugs
so fuck it I'll move wit' my sister
where I'm from shit get realer
cops they'll never find the killer
talking to these bitches, why you gotta talk behind the pillow?
smokin' woods to the face I drink the lean it ease the pain
since they took rock I swear to god this shit ain't been the same
trynna move out to a better place or better yet a btter state
move my momma to a mansion steaks up on the dinnerplate
me I had the hardest times helping with that section 8
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got tired of all the fussin' cussin at me, gotta find a way
started rappin' thinking that'll change the way she look at me
I owe alot and she deserve for all the shit she took from me
a man gotta be a man I gots provide shit to eat
I told my momma that we good she don't believe me
wait and see
these niggas out here make believe
my daddy I can't wait to see
my granny in another state she sick she got a year or three
and she ain't got to much time left so I'ma hold my head
and when that happen I'ma be there crying right beside her bed
but thats gone make me stronger I'ma think of all the things she said
and thats gone keep the hunger nigga try me fill his ass with lead