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Derelict Earth


Derelict Earth

Ashes Rain

Infinite columns of light for all to behold,
Monuments of fire burning as a thousand suns,
Symphony of the marching boots and singing guns,
Endarkened skies that noxious gases cloud enfold...

Thousand years of pain and frustration climaxing,
In a long-foreseen man-made apocalypse,
Unhuman communion in barbarism relapse,
Impervious to the vision of children writhing...

The cleansing has begun, a nuclear lustration,
Rigor mortis ballet, Mass of bile and sanies,
Elation of uninhibited insanities,
In a great parade of death throes and convulsion.

There is no hell to fear as man created it on Earth,
Fire and brimstones pouring down from firmament,
On putrescent mass graves, burning cerement,
Humanure for the vegetation to rebirth.

It was fated that this day of wasted lives would come,
Yet nothing was achie ved to prevent this outcome...
Why did it have to end like this ?
Why could not have we lived in peace ?

Purgation by fire, removal of human filth,
Washing the stains of savage colonization,
Redemptive transformation of cities in tilth,
Delivering the world by self-immolation.
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Justice is done, we made amends for our crimes,
Blood and tears were shed, innocent flesh carbonized,
Lex talionis blindly applied behind the times,
Large-scale retribution for the barbarized,

Embracing extinction through violence aesthetized.

Nothing to regret from this artificial world,
Igneous vestige of a staggering fall from grace,
Lost forevermore as a flaming maelstrom whirled,
Blowing away whatsoever was left to erase.

Nowhere to run, nothing to hide, no one to save,
Death demand a tribute of burning flesh scattered
Nobody can satiate what the infernos crave
The prayers to your savior will remain unanswered

No discrimination, all well deserved their fate,
Absolute equality in a cruel demise,
Only remedy originating from hate,
Finally found for the mankind plague to chastise.

Ashes rain is falling over our world in ruins
Lacerated remnants of a madness gone too far
Obliterated human race's remains left to char
Flames of requital turned cities to coffins