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Funker Vogt


Funker Vogt

Whenever a Child Dies

The message hits them very deeply
Left them alone with their loss
They wanted to see to believe
But this is what they got told:

'Don't go now and look at her
cause we hardly dared to look!
Tomorrow, you can go and see
She will look as if she's sleepin'

Whenever a child dies
We will mourn the loss
Left alone, a world of stone
With no more love inside

How could god be so greedy
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To take away what we all love
And leave us with grief and sorrow
To mourn the loss of our little dove

She drew pictures of her friend
She drew pictures of all evil
Disguised as a fairytale
So no one ever noticed it

All they had was just a hunch
That something was not right
In their struggle against evil
To win salvation for the girl


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