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Frankie Lymon


Frankie Lymon

It's Christmas Once Again

作词:Elaine Blackman, Evelyn Blackman, Leona Blackman


Merry voices raised in singing
Carols through the streets are ringing
All because it's Christmas once again

Lovers kiss in public shyly
Mistletoe was hung there slyly
All because it's Christmas once again

Little kiddies' noses flattened
On the window pane
Peeking at the dollys
And the shiny choo-choo trains

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Santa's hitching up his reindeer
Has his bag packed tight
Everything is ready for the sleigh ride
Through the night

Christmas trees with lights are twinkling
Glasses filled with snowflakes sprinkling
All because it's Christmas once again

So here's a wish we keep repeating
Please accept the season's greetings
All because it's Christmas once again



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