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Guess Who's Back

And the world still spins going round and round
You just gotta make it until the lost is found
(Hit me
Matter of fact)
And the, and the world still spins goin' around and round and round...
(Get your stamps on your passport up, you dig what I'm saying

It's next level shit man)
(This ain't revolutionary it's evolutionary
Evolve my nigga)
And the, and the world still spins goin' round and round and round

Starve myself like Ghandi on behalf of my art
Believe I give you my all, never half of my heart, breathe for you
Travel millions of miles at jet speed for you
Even overseas we're blue
Keep it regional? I had no reason to

Art minus the easel, I'm unbelievable
Fled the coast just to change the climates, came at Islands
Puff on the loud 'til my whole gang was silent
My change piling, so fly I could change pilots
Campaign whiling, my brain remain clouded

My mind storm, when it's time to perform
To be honest if I clicked it, probably pouring
Your raps bore me, I could define your style
Just ask Maury, take the glory
I take the gouda, you know the story, the avenue I grew up
Niggas thought I trade my old life for a new one, nah

Guess who's back, as if I'd left
Excuse me I been busy
I've been on my grizzly
Had to put on for my city
Guess who's back, as if I'd left
Excuse me I've been my busy
I've been on my busy
Had to put on for my city
Guess who's back
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Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane
Nah, that's just a grizzly representing this game
Mississippi roots, I descended from slaves
Far from Lynchburg, but I know where niggas hang
I just spent enough dollars on my chain
So much, I done seen to dollars turn into change, holla
I want to be royalty to the rap scholars
Make hits, take hits like Math Hoffa
Fash hotter than a favela in Guatemala
8 baby mamas sittin' in the sauna
I wasn't KKK but I understood
Why it's hard to hibernate in my hood
Before I ever seen an itinerary
I made 57 visits to the cemetery
From a derelict, to a diety
Easily I make a atheist believe in me, now

Fuck anybody who thought it was over, literally
Only thing I left was my mark on the culture
Niggas fear me, clearly they are not on my level
I'm a prophet, a rebel, obviously ghetto
Cockin' my metal, autograph signer
When I stop at Valero, had a 12 year old kid tell me I was his hero
But instead of a cape, I wear a cap
Who's to say I alter my faith, that ain't a fact
Even before adolescence, Fash was destined
Craft perfected from a dirty pad I sketched in
From lad to legend, I made it to London
Imagine if I had stayed in the dungeon, nigga
I would have never signed to Esco, never rhymed with Rakim
Tell me, how could I ever let go huh?
Your fantasy ain't fuckin' with my facts
Somebody tell these bustas out the back
Shawn, stacks
I'm back

Excuse me I've been busy