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Goodnight, Texas (band)


Goodnight, Texas (band)

Ballad of a Fair Young Lady

Oh a fair young lady I
Used to see went walking by
Caught my love from happenstance
Now I rarely catch a glance
I wish that I had known her all the while
Well I got my courage up
On an empty coffee cup
Went calling at her door
She let me in at my emplore
I listened as
She told me of the year
When far away
She lost her love so dear
She said my sweetheart in Tennessee
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Built a banjo just for me
Made of wood as red as clay
But it hurts my heart to play
He's gone to find
His fortune in the hills
I said This continent's too wide
For you to spend your life inside
You're much to beautiful you know
To have no other place to go
She turned her back to me and walked away
I never cared
For banjo anyway