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Jerry Riopelle


Jerry Riopelle

Livin' the Life

We were livin' the life
livin' the life
we were livin' the life
we were alive ohh ahh

Christmas in June
we were lost in the manger
I was playing the man
you were playing the stranger
when we got to high noon
you just laughed at the danger

We were livin' the life
oh livin' the life
we were livin' the life
we were alive

They say someday
a man must understand
the things he does
wish that I could tell what was
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oh I know what really was
it really was really was

Just steaming hot
chasing the sorrow
but we got what we got
beg steal or borrow
and believe it or not (believe)
oh there ain't no tomorrow

When you're livin' the life
oh livin' the life
we were livin' the life
oh we were livin' the life
oh livin' the life
oh livin' the life
we were livin' the life
we were alive ohh umm


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