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King Louie


King Louie

Rozay Flow 3

制作:Mr Incredible

[Verse 1]
Bel Air with the fellas and the bosses of bullshit
Yeah my life a scary movie, you just Officer Doofy
Slide up on his ass in traffic, then it's off with his coochie
Again my life a motion picture, call it bullshit the movie
Starring bitches and gangsters
17 in the clip, one in the chamber
I just bought hella guns cause these goofies is dangerous
Folks with me on the run so right now he nameless
Niggas bitches, straight snitches, saying names, point fingers
Insane, when I'm coming out the cut, point ninas
I remember being 17 in bellys and beamers
Old niggas fucked up, talking bout they was stealers
I remember triple beams, cocaine, and tina
I remember bad dreams from bad things I've done
On Instagram flexing, now he can't make bond
This shit don't make sense fam, what the fuck they thought
These niggas hustling backwards
We giving busters caskets
My niggas hustle addicts
Dirty money bastards
Come from section 8, now I'm straight on TV and shit
Niggas studying the god, tryna be me and shit
Phone call this nigga's bitch, she got obedient hit
Told my rockaby baby, AG it's a hit
I don't need these niggas bitch, I'm as G as it gets
Your B on my D, D as in dick
Your new bitch old, previous shit
When my bitch come with me, we gon' leave with a bitch
Po pimpin' imposter
Pistol whip a pussy boy for disrespecting a mobster
C'est la vie, this no fiction
Got your bitch in my iPhone, she a video vixen