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Luis Fonsi


Luis Fonsi

Turn It Up

作词:Kara Dioguardi, Luis Fonsi, Steve Morales, David Siegel

I can feel it in the air
Something is calling me out there
Grab my things, can't wait no more
Gotta get back on the floor

That's where the music's thumping hard
Where I feel my body start to lose control
Where I can let go

C'mon let's turn it up tonight
Just feel the beat
We're gonna dance
Until we're moving out of sight

You and me
Can you feel it in the rhythm, the flow
Whether it's fast or it's slow, we'll get it right
C'mon let's turn it up, turn it up tonight

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Never had that much to say
The music carries me away
My body language does it all
Keeps me living off the wall

Don't need to show you how it goes
It's better if you do your own thing
'Cause you're the only one who knows

Never been lazy about rhythm, no baby
Got the music just blazin', that's right

'Cause when I start flowing
Who knows where I'm going
But everything is gonna be fine
Turn it up tonight


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