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Lil B The Basedgod


Lil B The Basedgod

I Cant Breathe

[Part I]

I'ma keep it real, my whole life is a heart attack
You gotta pay attention cause my people is artifacts
He said he got a gun, why you scared? We all got 'em
I don't own a gun, no bullets, I never shot it
I don't feel scared for my life, all you Americans
Is so fucking scary, ask yourself who you're better than
I slap the shit out you, you a bitch and you scary
Without a weapon or some money you wouldn't see clearly
And I'ma keep it real, why the fuck your family a pervert?
Nigga preying on them kids, getting away with murder
People don't look at me in the face for the shit that they did
One person just died, karma's a bitch
And females raping more guys than you think
So if your kid's peeing in the bed, you better go and see
People stressed out and can't express emotions
I got raped so many times, I don't know if I'm broken
That's why I got to sit back, smoke a blunt, and get focused
'Segregation just ended', you people is stupid
You people all bitches, separating the people
I would tell your grandparents suck a dick and they evil
If they hating for the color of the skin then they evil
If they enslaved or raped, then how you gon' call me evil
You taught me how to kill, you taught me how to bleed
You taught me how to cry, you taught me how to read
Propaganda's so real, Jesus don't look like that
White Jesus? I don't know, that's bullshit
I believe in Earth, I believe in people
Ban all the guns cause they killing people
Ban all the weapons cause they killing people
Ban all the guns cause they made from evil
And why was you scared if you was prepared?
They love raping black people, go to East Oakland
Ride down to East Oakland, see the young prostitutes and
All the police know it, and they probably get pussy or they fuck 'em in they ass
Cause once they get in trouble, it's all about the task
Live with integrity and live with honesty
Uplift the people around you, honestly
Just because they pimped us don't mean you got to
Just because they sell drugs don't mean you got to
All this white-collar rapist, Black Friday everyday
Ask yourself who's racist
A college couldn't be able to teach this
You gotta learn for yourself and be your own teacher
Cause they rather have you working than being a leader
If knowledge was free, then why you paying for college?
Cause everyone pimping, highest level is government
Lower level street pimping is circle of suffering
They love to get them hip-hop babies
They selling off their organs, pre-mature murder
Stop this killing and stop this hatred
People should be able to walk around the fucking streets naked
And don't shit happen
Oh yeah, I forget, I'm just a rapper
You can't put me in a box no more pussy
Why with the segregation? I'm just asking
A hundred years of pain, you got the nerve to ask me
'What's wrong with black people?' 'Where's your mom and daddy?'
And then they try to make you feel bad when you ain't got a dad like you're lesser of a man
But check this out
Mom and dad cool but people get divorced
And if you want to have a child, it's your choice
I pray for all the victims and I cry sometimes
Cause the pain is so vivid
They try to normalize black pain, pay attention
Protect the youth cause we all slipping

I can't breathe, I can't breathe
I can't breathe, I can't breathe
I can't breathe, I can't breathe
And thank God I'm able to read
I can't breathe, can't breathe
You feel me, it's Lil B
I can't breathe, I can't breathe
I can't breathe, I can't breathe
And thank God I'm able to read, it's Lil B
I don't give a fuck no more, I'm going in for life
Anybody can get it at this point

[Part II]

When you a hundred, you can't stand for that bullshit
You know what I'm saying, I'm thugged out pissed off
It is what it is, you know what I'm saying
It's your boy Lil B, everytime you hear my voice, you know it's real
Every time you see me, you know it's real
One of a kind, check this out, real pain from the streets

I came out the hood with that sour taste
I relate to dope fiends and throw aways
I relate to them homies that paid dues
I put hands on niggas and I don't take nothing
Them crackers try to take my mind, whodie
Them crackers out here fucking niggas with that time, whodie
I'm out here, bitch I'm me (Lil B)
Grown man shit, pushing 33
I got bitches and I got killers (What else you got, big bruh?)
No homo, I got niggas (Lil bruh, what you got mane?)
And no homo, I'm blowing sacks
I never paid for the smother, now that's a fact (Figaro!)

I bust a cracker head, whodie
I'm bout that under, you scared, whodie
I seen smother, I seen under
I love living life and I love number


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