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I Wanna Be Loved

You can't break what is broken
And don't try to walk the ocean
Dig where you're standing
A hole in your heart, why don't you mend it
The suffocation of your feelings
Makes your life lose meaning

I could have met you half ways
But I'm an ego, this is what I crave
I Wanna Be Loved
I just can''t get enough of it

The girl is sitting in her tower
The boy he's living in another
He said: Wanna come uptown?
The girl said: Why don't you get down?
What do we learn from this story?
Both are winners when they're scoring

I could have met you half ways...
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I'll teach you body language
Baby don't be shy
The bad girls learned some manners
Don't you ask me how
Your needs is what I hunger
It's too late to cry
I want two for tango
Now I'm going down!

Are you ready to be shaken
This shake can cause you pain
My feelings are but naked
My pride is high at stake
A force of roaring thunder
No girl can stop this load
I know where theirs is heading
You made me explode!