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Marvin Gaye


Marvin Gaye

Baby Say Yes

KW:Yeah yeah, yes indeed
MG:Mmmm yes indeed
KW:Will you be lovin' me tomorrow
Just like you're lovin' me today?
Oh & always treat me right
Never ever fuss & fight
Come on baby, let me hear you say, say it for me
MG: Yes indeed

MG: & when I ain't got no money
Will you still be lovin' me, honey?
Hmmm & when things go wrong
Tell me, will you love me strong?
Come on baby, let me hear you say
KW: Yes indeed
MG: Say it again--KW: Yes indeed

BOTH: We had such a beautiful love affair
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Now we have each other
Vow to love no other
& our love's beyond compare, oh yes indeed
MG: Now yes indeed
KW: Will you be lovin' me tomorrow
Just like you're lovin' me today?
MG: Tell me, when things go wrong
Will you love me strong?
KW: & I depend on you
To always see me through
MG: Sugar, I'll be standin' there
KW: Whenever I need you; let me
MG: Yeah yeah
BOTH: Yes indeed
(repeat & fade): Uh huh, oh yeah, yes indeed


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