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Murder Mouth

[Verse 1]
Exceptionally odd, I'm an exceptional oddball
Madchild pickin' up the phone when God call
Crack ya like a softball, musty like a mothball
Madchild, I'm out of shape like a trapezoid
Give me a couple thousand bucks and get your track destroyed
I only act annoyed, I'm actually happy to be here
Like alcoholics lappin' up free beer
BAX WAR - three tier, jump you like a leap year
Pumpin' like a deep fear, something that I keep here
You get it or do I sound pathetic?
Or am I down five pounds and give junkies credit?
Call the fucking medic, I'll chase you through the forest
With a butcher knife on steroid, still really arrogant
Much nicer now than I am off the hillbilly heroin
Kill silly derelicts willfully, still fully think that I need a therapist
Jihad yelling yee-haw, I'm a retard
Harder than the concrete with rebar, arriba, andale
What a wonderful, fun, son of a gun with the underlay
From London to Thunder Bay, one of the wonder bred
Smarter than a guy with a haunted head
Scared to look under the bed, must have been something I said
Say it, I'm fucked in the head, give me a bucket of bread

(Clockwork Orange 2016 shit)

[Verse 2]
Hangin' your head like I'm a taxidermist
I got hunger in my stomach, it's an actual furnace
Get it? Fire in my belly, fully developed elegant angel
With a halo and a tail that whips and snaps
I'm a twisted cat, that's an aristocrat
Gifted for real, blistering verses
Mr. Artistic never simplistic
Madchild spit that beautiful shit
Ludacris lips, darker than a lunar eclipse
Part cartoon in the mix
Still non-identical with boisterous breathing
I'm the voice of reason, your boy's a heathen
Misguided angel is a dangerous asset
Morbid and violent like an orphan asylum
I ain't playing like a corpse with a violin
I'm Thor in the fiber, more than a tyrant
I'm a forbidden orbitin' northerly warrior pirate
Robotic God of oddness, I'm a white dwarf that sings
Cast you from the heavens, I'm a white horse with wings
Inhale quietly, exhale ferociously
They're disposable, I do it how it supposed to be done
Whip my tail and the wind trembles
I'm a bit mental, nothing's accidental
I bleed meaning...