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Bacterial Surgery

Gathered and driven under their command
They lived in fear for their judgment
Penal servitude, pitiless manhandle
All taken under medical treatment

Forced to take the depurative hypodermic syringe
Prison of experience, the testing laboratory
Experimental undertaking among those who suffered
They didn't shrink back from insanity

Encaged with fear, the prospective death
Pernicious times, malicious inclination
Enslaved minds penetrated with aversion
They were proned to instant domination

Eradicate and waste lives for knowledge
For the occurrence has remained reality
Progressive development cannot be restrained
No sympathy, the animosity

Bacterial surgery
Terrible science, their destiny
Weakening, unconsciousness
In response to insanity

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Bacterial surgery
Experience mortality
Purposeful endeavor
Inventions tendency

Use what lives for humanity
The eagerness, resolution
Living for the results
Calculation of the expectation

Flood-light the indefensible creatures
Blinded in their eyes
Medicines too frightened to look at
Instead of improving knowledge he dies

We all have the right to live
Don't abuse it and take it away

Important conscious jobbery
Acting irresponsible
Scientific desires, medical crime
Symptoms of bacteriology


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