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Charlie Rich


Charlie Rich

A Very Special Love Song

作词:Billy Sherrill, Norris Wilson

Babe, somewhere I know I'm gonna find it babe
It'll have my love behind it
And it will be a symphony of all you mean to me
A very special love song

And babe, if there's a way you know I'm gonna say it babe
There's a melody I'll play it and I'll play it through
Especially for you and all the words are true
A very special love song

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So don't be surprised if you're sitting alone and you hear it
'Cause I'm gonna sing it to the whole big lonely world
So turn your radio way down low and get near it
And I'll tell the world I love you girl

Babe, if there's an ounce of love I'm gonna give it to you babe
If there's a breath of life I'm gonna live it everyday for you
And oh the whole night through singing just for you
A very special love song for you


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