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The Drifters


The Drifters

The Way I Feel (feat. Clyde McPhatter)

The way I feel tonight
I'm afraid, I don't know wrong from right
All I know is that it's plain to see
You are never coming back to me
The way I feel for you
I would borrow, beg or steal for you
But it doesn't matter what I vow
What's the good, it's too late now
You may believe I've never loved you
Some of our friends have told you so
But why should you listen to friends dear
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For who in this wide world can know
The way I feel inside
With a heart that just can't be denied
You would find a love that's deep and real
If you knew the way I feel
Yes, you'd find a love that's deep and real
If you knew the way I feel
(The way I feel)


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