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Postcards from Eden

Sometimes it's just the little things
That keep this heart beating
To pick up all the pieces
And patch up where I'm bleeding
I see it come in flashes
And pretty glimmers, fleeting
The way you keep on sending
Postcards from Eden

I think of all the left turns
That somehow turned the right way
The kindness of a stranger
That resurrects a bad day

How easily this slipped me
These moments and the meaning
But I can see your name on
These postcards from Eden

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And everywhere I look, I see your hand
It writes a perfect story
Over all my precious plans
A glimpse of something big when I feel small
And taste of how it was before the fall

The whispering of the autumn wind
The tumbling of the colors
The orchestrated accidents
It's a beauty undiscovered

It hits me like a love song
My heart can't help believe in
You're the one who's always sending
These postcards from Eden
Postcards from Eden