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Pop Painkillaz

feat. Ty$

Ah, every night like it's no tomorrow
And we getting cheese like the cold digornio
All the bitches love us, everywhere we go bitches wanna fuck us
And my shit glow just like a disco
Fly as fuck taking multiple flights to frisco
Just to make a song and hang with these hoes
I can't even pronounce these names..
Chilling on the beach, with next bitches
Cut em up and make them meet nexx bitches
Pop the pain killers so I can't feel shit
The flow bleedin' like my main vein hit
Yeah, and my tight chain so stainless
Diamonds looking like the strip on Vegas
Smoking big blunts, living life lavish
Fuckin mexican girls and I don't speak spanish
10 000 I try… I really try…but all I can say is you really look good.!
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Fuck bitches all day, And pop painkillaz
I know you gangsters in the club feel us
Fuck the squarez, Bustas, yall could kep hatin but all the bitch love us
Uhu, uhu, yeah, uhu, yeah
Yeah, bitches wanna chill like ice
… and the pants and the …
I pop the pills started rolling like dice
Bitches get left even know it ain't right, yeah
I just fuck up … fly niggers see me in the sky …
… they trying to hug god
It's pushing in here, I know you seek us outfit, abstract
Tennis shoes, … got so many … a nigger stay …
Game so cold … niggers white ghosts, niggers can't see you
… Pusha Ink the frame now they get the pictures, Aye

10 000 I try… I really try…but all I can say is …