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Big Sean


Big Sean

Platinum & Wood

[Verse 1]
Come roll with a nigga, get high with a nigga
Count stacks with a nigga, fuck hoes with a nigga
Back in high school we used to trade clothes with my niggas
Back when Icebreaker and Girbaud
Was like the wardrobe for the killers, we pose for the pictures
Stunting on hoes, I stunt with my bros
Real go-getters, I swear being broke didn't fit us
Like new T-shirts, new jeans, new hats
You know, spending gas money on everything except gas
Spending my last on the shit that won't last
Back when 20 dollars would impress that ass
A movie and popcorn and caress that ass
Overdress and undress that ass, god bless that ass
It was me and my dawgs, summer on summer
Riding around like we dumber on dumber
Whipping that Toyota like it's a Hummer
What happened to those days? I really do wonder
When all I did was safe sex, latex
The first time I slipped up, wished I had a homemade AIDStest fuck
But I ain't flunk once
Back before I got drunk once
I was smoking on haze, all in a daze
My homies would call and say, 'nigga, come roll'


[Verse 2]
Man, I'm straight up off the 7 Mile, they call that the better mile
Tryna get a house up in the woods off on 11 Mile, bet it now
One time for the D, Girls that hold me down Corretta style
Free Juan, let him out
And everything I want off in the world is a must-have
I realised that at the bus stop with a bus pass thinking 'fuck rap'
Cause there's niggas in the streets
Getting money under my nose that I must stash
I've seen people get murked who ain't deserved that shit
Cops should've protect-and-served and shit
But still pull me over, disrespect and search my shit
Ask 'why the attitude?' cause bitch, you deserve that shit
Bang bang bang, how do you maintain
The same brain and mind in a city of AKs and K9s?
When only language they know English and gang signs
Fuck it all though, I'm repping till the world blow, come roll

Sean, it's good to be home, isn't it?