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Somethin' Else

作词:Bob Cochran, Sharon Sheeley

Look there, here she comes, here comes that girl again
Wanted to date her since I don't know when
She don't notice me when I pass
She goes with all the guys out of my class
That ain't stopping me from thinking to myself
She's sure fine looking, she's somethin' else

Look there, 'cross the street
There's a car made just for me
To own that car would be a luxury
Right now I can't afford the gas
Brand new convertible is out of my class
That ain't stopping me from thinking to myself
That car's fine looking and she's somethin' else

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Hey, look here, wait and see
Work hard and save my dough
I bought a car at the motor show
Me and that girl, we go round and round
Look real sharp with the flat top down
Keep dreaming and thinking to myself
If it comes all true she's somethin' else

Look here, what's all this
Never gone through this before
But here I am knocking on the door
Car's out front, it's all mine
It's a '49 job, not a '59
I got the girl and I'm thinking to myself
She's sure fine looking, she's somethin' else


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