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That Night


One night in late July
I saw you cross the room
Then you asked me for a dance
and I could hardly move (yeah)
I'd never been so scared before
your touch was overwhelming
Then you led me to the floor
and I swore I was dreaming

That night there was magic
That night I was spellbound
By your sideoh the first time
I criedI cried Yesyou changed my life
That night That night
By your sideoh the first time
I criedI cried This night changed my life
We sat and talked all night
the starry sky above us
You were nervousI was shy
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The butterflies of first love
Then I knocked on heaven's door
when you leaned in to kiss me
I'd never been left wanting more
oh I was hardly breathing

I want to have that night again
I wanna know what might have been
First love just never ends
oh why do I still miss him

Now life has distanced us
that summer night's long gone
But I still feel your lips
when I hear our old love song
I've changed a lot since then
but I still sit and wonder
I'd like to know what might have been
if summer love had lingered


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