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The Lonely 1 (White Hen Version)

After the show you walked right past
Arms reached out for your autograph
And as you flashed your backstage pass
I caught your eye with a camera's flash

When the band came out, they stood behind you
Cymbals crashed, the lights went blue
You stood alone in the halo's haze
Shinny guitar hung on gold lamay

And you, you were the lonely 1
You were the lonely 1

When you perform it's so intense
When the critics pan I write in your defense
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I understand I'm just a fan, I'm just a fan

When I get home I turn off the alarm
I've checked the phone, no messages on
I play the ones from yesterday
I play you're song just to hear you say that

You, you're the lonely 1
You are the lonely 1

You, you're the lonely 1
You are the lonely 1


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