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Ghostface Killah


Ghostface Killah

Return of the Savage

feat. Raekwon & RZA
作词:Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & RZA
制作:Adrian Younge

[Hook:Ghostface Killah](2x)
In the beginning, it's time for a new chapter
Twelve more reasons to die, after the laughter
It's relevant, the legacy lives on lavash
Ghostface Killah, return of the savage

[Verse One: Raekwon]
I ain't letting nothing live, horrific the ghost risen
Stigmata scenery ill visions of being villains
The taste of blood is left on my tongue, walk through the valley of death
I see the reaper waiting with two snakes kissing
I can't believe they took my wife and my kids, it's straight Lester
Word to God, once I get em, I got em, the moments priceless
Decapitating heads like a journalist snatched with isis
I want revenge now!
Spotted one of Delucas men, at a restaurant
Eating spaghetti, drinking on Dom Pérignon
With two other goons laughing, probably joking bout the murder
I calmly approach them with the burner
When they realized the real live G was about to serve 'em
60 pieces blew through his jaw, closing his curtains
Now it's total chaos, the people running for they lives
The other cocksuckers tried reaching for their hammers
But they was slow on their draw so I blammed em
Taking they tops off like convertible dry burgundy phantom
They say the taste revenge is sweet, well let me see
Prepare the table for a feast, take a seat, and let's eat

[Hook: Ghostface Killah](2x)

[Verse Two: Ghostface Killah]
Beast mode, I'm resurrected, I hear the record spinning
Early 70s, New York [?]
And I see street life, the only life I know
I see Liberty, I see the motherfucking Verrazanos
I see gangstas getting money, bitches acting funny
Stacks upon stacks, and not one nigga bummy
Something ain't right, these ain't the greedy streets of Italy
Where Logan and my seed? C'mon son, you kidding me?
Who's calling me? Who's looking for the killer with no face?
Who summoned me into this place? I need answers!
Behave chancellors, I'm a vigilante killer
No time for games and there ain't no nigga realer
Let's talk business, you don't wanna leak your own blood
State your name, before you get stretched like a rug!

[Outro Narration: Rza]
As the Ghostface Killah and the infamous gangster Lester Kane came face to face for the first time, they reflect on the violent events that forced their paths to cross. A black crime family led by Lester Kane has made a violent push for supremacy against the surviving member of the Deluca clan, now residing in New York City. In attempt to thwart his adversary advances, Luther Luca, the head of the Deluca clan, guns down members of the Kane syndicate, as well as Lester's wife and son. The war escalates. In one fatal night, Lester and his men rob one of the Deluca clan social clubs, discovering 12 vinyl records hidden within a safe