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Jethro Tull


Jethro Tull

Too Many Too

作词:Anderson Ian

Too many drivers in too many cars
Too many lost souls drinking in too many bars
Too many heroes stepping on too many toes

Too many yes men nodding when they really mean no
Too many lives each cat can lose
We've got too many too, too many too

Too much sunshine, too many drops of rain
Too many equal and average children who will all grow up the same
Too many fireside politicians holding too many views

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Too many questions but there are answers too few
Too many lives each cat can lose
We've got too many too

If I were a liar, yes, and you were a cheat
There would be too many places where we all could meet
Too many temples where we could worship the beast

Where he who thinks he had the most in fact has the least
Too many lives each cat can lose
I've got too many too, I've got too many too


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