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Barry White


Barry White

I Get off on You

作词:Kashif, Jack Perry, Barry White

You are different
Beauty's in the eye of the beholder, baby
And to me you're different as night and day
From all the rest

There's not a lot of things that
That can excite me, ignite me
You're all that and then so

Your lips, your smile, can I reminisce just for a while?
Your eyes, your hair, everything I love, you got it right there
Your soft tone when you speak
Your sexiness down to your feet

Baby, baby, baby
I get off on you
Baby, baby, baby
I get off on you
Do you get off on me?

Your tenderness
And gentle ways
Love it when you sigh
Make love to me

And you're the one, my wildest dream
Someone like you is all I need
But many things that you posses
Girl, your out front from all the rest
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Baby, baby, baby
I get off on you
Baby, baby, baby
I get off on you
Do you get off on me?

First of all you're sensitive, very sensitive
And I love that in a woman
You love flowers, you're so cute, so precious to me
Very precious to me

Step, baby, step
Yeah, you're there
You're walk, your talk
Have mercy, mercy on me

Baby, baby, baby
I get off on you
Baby, baby, baby
I get off on you

Baby, baby, baby
I get off on you
Do you get off on me?

Baby, baby, baby
I get off on you
I do, I do


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