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Modern Talking


Modern Talking

Sweet Little Sheila

Oh say
Watch good love go back
Smoke from a distant
Fire burnin' me
Oh babe
The heaven can't wait
And I need defense
I'm feelin'
My heart's appealin'

Sweet little Sheila
Do you do you really want me
Sophisticated lady want me
Sweet little Sheila
Do you do you really love me
She's a different baby to me

I only want Sheila
Oh my Sheila
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Oh she's precious
Like the sun
I only want Sheila
Oh my Sheila
She's young she's foolish'
And wants fun

Oh babe
The promise you make
Be careful babe of
Stones that you throw
Oh babe
Don't say it's too late
Words can't express
My feelings
Bein' believin'


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