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Toni Braxton


Toni Braxton

Coping (Paris & Simo Remix)

Wake up in the morning and I'm by myself
Sad and so depressed since you left
I hate to think you're smiling with somebody else
And I know you'll never love me again

And I try and pretend that it's all okay
That I'm doing better without you
Getting harder and harder every day
But I'm just trying to make it through

Need your love, need your touch
To keep me going
Need your lips, tender kiss
I'm so broken

And believe me, I'm trying to let you go
But I need you to know that it's difficult
And it hurts, really hurts
And I'm still coping
I'm still coping
I'm still coping
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And I try and pretend that it's all okay
But I'm broken, broken
Getting harder and harder with every day
But I'm coping, I'm coping

Need your love, need your touch
To keep me going
Need your lips, tender kiss
Girl, I'm so broken

I, to keep me going
I need it
I'm coping

Still I'm coping that...
And it hurts...
Oh, I'm still coping...


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