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Tell Me

Lyrics:Randall Lipford
Music:Alex To/Randall Lipford
Arranger:Randall Lipford

When I feel so lonely
I have a vision of you
You made me feel so warm & cozy
I don't know what to do
So I call you every morning
Just to hear you when you wake up
And hope that we together be
For all eternity

Let me take you somewhere
Far from all your troubles
So I can hug you kiss you comfort you
And hold you everynight
We can start a new beginning
One that never has an ending
Just the two
Me and you
Forever in a life

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Baby tell me (tell me)
What I have to do to keep you in my life
I'll do it all for you

Baby tell me (tell me)
What's a man to do when loving you feels right
Tell me what we're gonna do tonight

Lately I've been feeling
A sadness deep inside me
But when I hold your body next to me
The pain just goes away
Cause the love we share between us
Is the key to all our happiness
Without a flaw, Spring or fall
I'll love you through its all

When I'm feeling cold & lonely
And you're feeling quite the same
Girl I wanna hold you close to my heart
Nothing can tear us apart
Cause I'll be with you right there from the start