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I Said I Said Alex To

编曲:George Leong

Misunderstanding was the biggest mistake
Communication came a little too late
But time will be on our side
So I'll try to close my eyes
Living blindly day by day

Somebody told me that you needed your life
That someone said that I took your freedom away
And I'll be the one to blame
Won't you give me one more chance - why can't love and stay the same

Where does my loving begin
How could this love be a sin
Why must I wait till I see you cry
To realize the pain that you've been holding back inside

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I said I love you, I love you
I said I'll kiss you and kiss you
I said I'll hold you and hold you
So say it's alright is love alright
Can you learn to love again?
Please don't let this be goodbye (be the end)

I said I never meant to make this mistake
I know I said I'd never cause you no pain
Cause I'll give the earth and sky
Guess I'll try to close my eyes
Hoping you will come my way heh

Somebody told me that you've got a new life, hey
Found someone special I've got nothing to say
Will I be the one to blame
Won't you give it one more chance
I'll make everything the same


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