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Careless Whisper

I feel so unsure
As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor
As the music dies
Something in your eyes
Calls to mind a silver screen
And you're its sad goodbye

I'm never gonna dance again
Guilty feet have got no rhythm
Though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool
Should have know better than to cheat a friend
And waste the chance that I've been given
So I'm never gonna dance again
The way I dance with you , Oh

Time can never mend
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The careless whisper of a good friend
To the heart and mind
lgnorance is kind
There's no comfort in the truth
Pain is all you'll find

Tonight the music seems so loud
I wish that we could lose this crowd
Maybe it's better this way
If we'd hurt each other with the things we want to say
We could have been so good together
We could have lived this dance forever
Now who's ganno dance with me
Please dance


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