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Will Cookson( 威尔·库克森 )【 共收藏 2 张专辑, 15 首歌 】
“Will Cookson”
类型: 另类/独立
所属唱片公司: Audio Network
专辑: Ghosts of the Morning Sun, Songs for a Sunday, The geometry of dreams
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Ghosts of the Morning Sun 英文
1.Something In My Head
2.In the Light of the Stars
3.Into That Darkness
4.White Horses
5.Still Life
6.Grandmother''s Ghost
7.What a Lovely Day
8.Stickfigure Dreams
9.As the Devil Pleases
10.Ariadne''s Waltz
暂存 英文
1.Autumn Song
2.The Empty Bookcase
3.Alone In The Dark
4.About Love
5.Somerset Love Song

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