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Songz 6 英文
1.Time for Change
2.I've Got What U Want
3.Getting to the Good Part
4.Never Like This
Songz 5 英文
1.Let Me Do Something Sexy
2.Don't Stop
3.Living Out on the Edge
Songz 4 英文
1.Maybe I Will Love You Tomorrow
2.Get Behind the Beat
3.Starting Tonight
4.Love After Love
5.Call It What It Is
6.No Better Time
Songz 12 英文
1.Thief of Hearts
2.Right Where You Want Me
3.I Want You to Love Me
Songz 11 英文
1.Straight to the Heart
2.Making Contact
3.Take Your Time
4.Joy Ride
5.Fire on Ice
6.Hard to Get
Songz 10 英文
1.Give Me That Love Supreme
2.Nothing Left to Believe in (Live Songwriter Demo)
3.Ask Me Again to Stay
Rough Demos from the Lake 英文
1.Parental Concern
3.Song for Harry
4.If You Go, If You Stay
PC Singz PC 英文
1.Love Don't Stand a Chance
2.Falling in Love with the Enemy
3.Heart Like an Animal
4.Girls Don't Lie
5.You Set Me in Motion
6.Shadows of the Heart
7.Downtown Attitude
8.Before It Rains Again
9.No Kiss Goodbye
10.Tea in the Garden
PC SINGZ PC – Enkore 英文
1.Rock This Monkey
2.The Truth About Angel
3.Where Would I Be Without You?
4.Be on My Side
5.It Takes Two
6.If You Were My Baby
7.Day Meets the Night
8.Some Day
9.Another Side of Love
10.Too Far Too Fast
Music by Paul Chiten – Songz 2 英文
1.Move Over, I'm Driving
2.Whatever It Takes
3.Find My Way Back Home
4.A Little Piece of My Heart
5.Not a Day Goes By
6.Show Me
7.Old Enough to Know Better
Music by Paul Chiten – Songz 1 英文
1.Can't Wait Another Minute
2.A Woman Like Me
3.You Are My Angel
5.The Melting Point
7.Real Life
9.First in Line
10.Come into My Life
11.So Crazy in Love
12.What Is Sex?
13.Can't Wait Another Minute (Demo)
Music By Paul Chiten – Songz 3 英文
1.Have You Ever?
2.There Must Be a God
3.Only in Your Arms
4.The Poetry of Sex
5.Never Been Anyone Else
Left of Center 英文
1.Cheap Scenes, Cheap Dreams
2.You're a Good Friend
6 Secret Songwriter Demos 英文
1.Dark Waiting
2.When Things Don't Work Out
3.For Autumn
4.The Pickle
6.Citizen's Band
5 Secret Songwriter Demos 英文
1.Bombera Mali (When You Say I Love You)
2.For Anne
3.Kickin' Out My Basin Street Blues (Piano/Vocal Mix)
4.The Candidate (Piano/Vocal Mix)
暂存 英文
1.You Set Me in Motion (Single Version)
2.What Is Sex? (Single Version)
3.Transylvania 6-5000 (Single Version)
4.Transylvania 6-5000
5.Perfect World (Imperfect Mix)
6.Perfect World
7.Tell Me How You Like It - Songwriter Demo
8.Too Many Nights
9.Looking for Paradise
10.Till You Love Someone
11.Falling in Love with the Enemy (Coversex Mix)
12.Vanilla Latte
13.So Deep
14.More That Just Friends

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