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The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library【 共收藏 6 张专辑, 56 首歌 】
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The World Edition Sports - 08 英文
1.Biking; Quick Stop As Brake Pads Grab Tire Rim.
2.Shooting Range; Hand Gun Fired, Bullet Hits Metal Target Without Delay.
3.Shooting Range; Hand Gun Fired Three Times.
The World Edition Sports - 04 英文
1.Baseball _ Softball; Ball Catch With Bare Hands.
2.Baseball _ Softball; Ground Fast Ball Into Glove.
3.Baseball _ Softball; Leadoff from Base. Five Short Shuffles.
The Premiere Edition 18 英文
1.Pneumatic Door Mechanism Hiss 2
2.Metal Door Creaks Multiple Opens and Closes
3.Full Silverware Drawer Slide Open and Close
The Premiere Edition - 38 英文
1.Packing Various Objects Into Canvas Duffel Bag Close Perspective_4
2.Cloth Whoosh With Snap For Impact X3_1
3.Cloth Flaps Shaking With Whoosh_2
4.Coin Movement And Jingle In Pants Pocket X2_1
Basketball & Tennis Sound Effects 英文
1.Basketball Catch with Two Hands on Outdoor Court Take 3
2.Overhand Tennis Serve Take 2
3.Tennis Ball Hit into Net with Racquet Take 3
暂存 英文
1.Parachute Opening, With Reverb Take 3
2.Heavy Underwater Exhale Bubbles Take 1
3.Train, Exterior Perspective with Constant Rail Clicks and Metal Rattles
4.Heavy to Light Rain Swells on Car Roof or Sunroof
5.Street Hockey; Puck Slapped Softly With Trail-off.
6.Street Hockey; Puck Slid Quickly By Stick._1
7.Fencing; Two Quick Sword Swishes._1
8.Gym Accessories; Neck Pad Dropped On Floor.
9.Bowling; Ball Hits Single Pin. No Ball Roll.
10.Bowling; Ball Rolls By Down Alley._1
11.Industrial Oven Door Slam Reverberant X7_6
12.Jet Take Off, By 4x
13.Heavy Metal Impact ( Door )
14.Explosion: Small, With Glass Debris.
15.Footsteps On Cement, Single
16.Basketball Bounces and Dribbles 1
17.Wet Bubbling and Movement As Bubbles Arise in Thick Liquid X4 2
18.Whoosh Eerie Ghost Breath Bys Center Panned - 2
19.Animal Stinger Double Pitched Gorilla Yell
20.Water Pipe Smoke Gurgling
21.Thunder Rumbles and Cracks in the Distance With Light Rain Swells And Some Whirling Wind
22.Slow Helicopter By In Distance
23.Stinger Parachute Opening With Echoes._3
24.Stinger Eerie Bell With Descending Tail._1
25.Rising Multi pitched Sound wave 3 Smooth Tones Ascend To High Frequency
26.Multi pitched High Frequency Transformation Sequence Multiple Tones And Bells Oscillate
27.Music Effect Big Power up Synthesizer Button._2
28.Motorcycle Falls to the Ground_1
29.Low Frequency Modulation 4 Extremely Low Frequency Rumble With Hiss Whine In Background Pulsating Slowly Then Gradually Rising In Pitch And Tempo Close Perspective
30.Huge Exterior Crowd Applause With Boos Cheers And Claps Anticipatory Excitement
31.Large Airy Lobby Area With Very Light Movement elevator Bell Reverberant
32.Freezer Door Open Close 1 Open Close With Refrigerator Hum In Background Three Times . Medium Close Perspective. Kitchen
33.Factory Background Plywood Factory Ambience Motor Fan Noise Repetitive Mechanical Clanks Air Releases Medium Perspective
34.Cloth Parachute Opening Various Cloth Flap and Movement 3
35.Cue Card Movements and Slides
36.Crushing Food in a Small Wooden Bowl
37.38 Marlin Rifle Movement Various Actions of Marlin Winchester Rifle. Includes Single And Multiple Slide Pull Backs At Various Speeds And Dry Fires. Close Up Perspective. Guns
38.Drop Impact Vehicle Dropped On Asphalt, Shot From 20 Feet Away_2
39.Bell-Type Antique Phone Ringer
40.Male Group Walla with Street Ambience

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