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The Kingdom's Sound 英文
1.Great King Resurrected
2.As the Deer
3.Jesús Name Above All Names
4.Your Kingdom Has No End
5.The Ángel All Sing Holy
6.Only You Deserve
7.Your Kingdom Is Here
8.I Am Supernatural
9.Walking Praise
10.Sound of Heaven
11.There Is Nothing Impossible
12.The Revelation of the Name of J
13.Thank You
Supernatural Movement 英文
1.Supernatural Movement (Rock)
2.Take Me Into Your Presence
3.Falling In Love
4.Desperate for Your Touch
Supernatural Encounter 英文
1.Holy God of Israel (Live)
2.Face to Face (Live)
3.Lord of Hosts (Live)
4.Clothed in Majesty (Live)
5.My Soul Longs for You (Live)
6.Jesus Died and He Rose Again (Live)
7.The King of Glory (Live)
8.Celebrating Our King (Live)
9.God Never Ceases to Amaze Me (Live)
10.Spontaneous Worship (Live)
Hunger for the Living God 英文
1.Lift Up Praises (Mighty God)
2.Supernatural Love
3.Where I Find My Rest
4.Lord Let Your Glory Fall
5.Hunger for the Living God
6.Jesus Is the Name
7.My God Is Mighty
8.Miracles Happen Today
9.Jubilee (Freedom Is In This Place)
10.Jesus Come
Encounter Us Holy Spirit 英文
1.Come Do It Again
2.Breakthrough Song
3.Open Heavens
4.Make it Loud
5.Heaven Is Here
Deeper: Live Worship from the Arena 2013 英文
1.Oceans (Live)
2.Safe in Your Arms (Live)
3.Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here (Live)
After Your Heart 英文
2.God Is In Control
3.Into Your Image
4.The Cross
5.Visit Us
6.Praise To the King
暂存 英文
1.Great Is He Who's the King of Kings - Live
2.For the Sake of the World (Live)
3.Adoration (Live)
4.Blessed Be Your Name
5.When I See the Cross (Live)
6.Celebrando a Nuestro Rey
7.La Revelacion del Nombre de Jesús
8.Una Alabanza caminando
9.There Will Be a Day
10.Hosanna (Live)
11.Everlasting God (Live)
13.Jesus Loves Me This I Know
14.The Statue Song
15.Awesome Is the Lord Most High (Live)

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