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魔镜歌词网欧美歌手Gavin Mikhail( 加文·米盖尔 )
Gavin Mikhail( 加文·米盖尔 )【 共收藏 15 张专辑, 97 首歌 】
加文·米盖尔(Gavin Mikhail)(1975年3月26日出生)是田纳西州纳什维尔的美国作曲家,钢琴家和歌手作曲家。

2007年“英国”的冠军,赢得了英国“粉丝投票大奖”,他独立发行了30多张专辑和单曲 Mikhail还组织了钢琴配乐Ruta Sepetys' 纽约时报畅销书2011年发行的灰色之间。
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Wide Awake 英文
1.Wide Awake
2.I Am Titanium
3.Shooting Star
Wake Me Up When Its All Over 英文
1.Wake Me Up When It's All Over
2.Love Her When You Let Her Go
3.Dont You Worry Child
4.Stay (Instrumental) (提供)
5.On the Walls of the Hall of Fame
6.Hungry Hearts (We Rule the World)
7.Some Die Young
8.Carry On (If Youre Lost and Alone)
Too Cold For Angels To Fly 英文
1.Too Cold For Angels To Fly
2.It's Time To Begin (I'm Never Changing Who I Am)
3.Drunk (I'll Be Drunk Again)
4.Don't You Worry Child
Stubborn Love (Keep Your Head Up My Skinny Love) [Karaoke Version] 英文
1.The a Team (Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly)
2.I Will Wait (Acoustic)
3.Nevermind I'll Find Someone Like You
Spectrum (Say My Name) (Florence + The Machine Cover, Etc) 英文
1.Small Bump (Acoustic)
2.Drunk (Ed Sheeran Acoustic Cover)
3.The A Team (Ed Sheeran Acoustic Cover)
Some Die Young 英文
1.Some Die Young (Acoustic)
2.When I Held Ya
3.All This Way
It's Where My Demons Hide (Tribute to by Imagine Dragons) 英文
2.It's Time To Begin
3.You Let Her Go
4.Story of My Life (Radio Edit)
5.It's Where My Demons Hide
It's Time To Begin (I'm Never Changing Who I Am) 英文
1.It's Time (Acoustic)
2.I Will Wait, I Will Wait For You
3.Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)
4.Spectrum (Say My Name) [Acoustic]
5.I'm Never Changing Who I Am
Im Not the Only One 英文
1.I'm Not the Only One (Extended Mix)
2.It's Time
3.Wake Me Up
Ill Follow You Into The Dark (Death Cab For Cutie, Breaking Benjamin Covers) 英文
1.Bring On the Rain (Acoustic Version)
2.Just The Way You Are (Acoustic)
3.The Climb (It's The Climb)
4.Two Is Better Than One (Acoustic)
Euphoria 英文
1.Euphoria (Acoustic)
2.All This Way (Acoustic)
3.Titanium (Acoustic)
4.When I Held Ya (Acoustic)
Dont Let Me Down 英文
1.Dont Let Me Down
2.Don't Let Me Down (Acoustic Version)
3.Dont You Worry Child
Carry On (Tribute to Fun.) [Karaoke Version] 英文
1.Carry On
2.Titanium (I Am Titanium)
3.Girl, Let Me Love You
4.Just the Way You Are (You're Amazing)
5.Grenade (I'd Catch a Grenade For Ya)
Am I Wrong 英文
1.Let Her Go
2.Am I Wrong
3.Stubborn Love
4.I Will Wait
5.Wake Me Up
暂存 英文
2.Pompeii - Acoustic Cover
3.Hall of Fame (Acoustic)
4.Hungry Hearts
5.The Story Of My Life
6.Paradise (Acoustic)
7.I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Acoustic)
8.It's Time (I'm Never Changing Who I Am)
9.Let Me Love You (Acoustic)
10.7 Years
11.7 Years (Acoustic Version)
12.When We Were Young
13.Story of My Life
14.Rather Be
15.Waiting For The End
17.Not Enough (Acoustic Version)
19.Only Know You Love Her When You Let Her Go
20.Don't You Worry Child (Piano)
21.Stay With Me
22.Anything Could Happen
23.Anything Could Happen (Acoustic)
24.I Will Wait For You
25.Say My Name
26.Small Bump
28.My Kind of Love
29.Skinny Love (Acoustic)
31.Charlie Brown (Coldplay Cover)
32.Somebody That I Used To Know
33.Somebody That I Used To Know (Acoustic)
34.The Night We Met (From '13 Reasons Why')
35.The Night We Met
36.Now You're Just Somebody That I Used To Know
39.Box of Stones (Acoustic Version)

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