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Arabesque VI: Caballero 英文
Marigot Bay 英文
1.Parties In A Penthouse
City Cats 英文
1.In The Heat Of A Disco Night
Fancy Concert (Live In Tokio) 英文
1.Hello, Mr. Monkey (Live)
2.In For a Penny, In for a Pound (Live)
3.Midnight Dancer (Live)
4.Caballero (Live)
5.Make Love Whenever You Can (Live)
6.Why Do You Ride the High Horse (Live)
7.Hit the Jackpot (Live)
8.Roller Star (Live)
9.Like a Shot In the Dark (Live)
10.Young Fingers Get Burnt (Live)
11.The End of the Show (Live)
Arabesque: The Best of, Vol. 4: The Megamixes 英文
1.Hello, Mr. Monkey (Megamix-Version)
2.Buggy Boy (Megamix-Version)
3.Indio Boy (Megamix-Version)
4.Marigot Bay (Megamix-Version)
5.Tall Story Teller (Megamix-Version)
6.City Cats (Megamix-Version)
7.Peppermint Jack (Megamix-Version)
8.Rock Me After Midnight (Megamix-Version)
9.In for a Penny, In for a Pound (Megamix-Version)
10.Caballero (Megamix-Version)
Arabesque V: In For A Penny 英文
1.Indio Boy
Arabesque III: Marigot Bay 英文
1.High Life
暂存 英文
1.Midnight Dancer
2.Hello Mr. Monkey
3.In The Heat Of A Disco-Night - Megamix-Version
4.Fools Paradise
5.In the Heat of a Disco-Night (Mega Mix Version)
6.Lucifer's Lover
7.Peppermint Jack
8.Fly High Little Butterfly
9.You Better Get a Move On
10.Hi Hi Highway
11.Bye Bye Superman
13.Buggy Boy
14.I Don't Wanna Have Breakfast With You
15.Rock Me After Midnight
16.Sunrise in Your Eyes
17.Plastic Heart
18.Surfing Bahama

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