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For the Young 英文
2.Still a Beautiful Day
3.For the Young
5.Walk Right In
6.Lonely One
7.Keep Me in the Dark
8.Only Those Who Love
9.Don't Leave
10.Just as Friends
11.Everyone's Waiting
12.Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely
The Night Visitor 英文
1.Solitary Move
2.The Longer The Waiting (The Sweeter The Kiss)
4.Ghost Of A Man
5.What Remains?
6.Bow Your Head
7.Walking Aimlessly
8.God Don't Know
9.Black Light Shines
10.All Shadows
11.Come To Bed
12.Dearest Dear
Leaving On A Mayday 英文
1.What Have I Done
2.Damaged Ones
4.Let It Rain
5.My Heart Still Beats For You
6.No, I Don't Remember
7.Summer Rain
8.Losing You
9.Off The Road
10.Black Sunday Afternoon
Halfway To Fivepoints 英文
1.Girl Laying Down
3.Today Is A Good Day
4.Little Lies
5.Such A Lonely Soul
6.To Be Gone
7.No Subtle Men
8.Lovers Dream
9.The Ones They Blame
10.You Mean Nothing To Me Anymore
11.Black Widow
12.Halfway To Fivepoints
Separation Road 英文
1.Tribute To Linn
2.Feels Like Sand
3.The Loneliness Is Gone
4.Nights In Goodville
Somebody Outside 英文
1.I Say No
2.I'll Follow You Tonight
3.Voice To Calm You Down
4.Bring Down Like I
Live In Stockholm 英文
1.Hours (Live)
2.My Secret (Live)
3.Summer Rain (Live)
4.What Have I Done (Live)
5.Bow Your Head (Live)
6.Shoreline (Live)
7.To Be Gone (Live)
8.Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely (Live)
9.Don't Leave (Live)
10.Only Those Who Love (Live)
11.For the Young (Live)
12.Still a Beautiful Day (Live)
13.Calling Love (Live)
暂存 英文
1.Ones They Blame, The
2.China Girl
3.One To Blame
4.Troubled Mind
5.All For Me
7.My Secret
8.Better Be
9.Words Of Love
10.A French Love
11.Calling Love
12.No Way Out
14.It's Not Me
15.A Friend At Last
16.Still A Beautiful Day - CANVAS Remix
17.Every Heartbeat
18.I'll Follow You Tonight (Early Version)
19.No, I Don't Remember (Live)
20.Damaged Ones (Live)
21.A French Love (Live)
22.Let It Rain (Live)
23.Light of Day
24.Make It on My Own
25.That's Life
26.Come Fly With Me
27.Strangers In The Night
28.Lorelie-Marie (Live On the Porch)
29.Shoreline (Horns & Saw Version)
30.When Tomorrow Comes
31.Anywhere I Lay My Head
32.A Voice to Calm You Down
33.To Be Gone (piano version)

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