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Bethel Music( 伯特利音乐 )【 共收藏 13 张专辑, 153 首歌 】
Bethel Music是加利福尼亚州雷丁市的一个美国崇拜组织,他们于2001年在伯特利教堂开始制作音乐。 他们专注于制作主要由Artist Collective成员编写和录制的崇拜歌曲和专辑。


从2009年到2013年,Bethel Music从当地教会音乐部门相对较小,迅速发展成为一个成熟的唱片公司,出版公司,以加利福尼亚州雷丁市的Bethel Church为基地的歌曲作者和崇拜领袖。

截至2017年4月,Bethel Music的成员包括:
Cory Asbury
Josh Baldwin
Amanda Cook
Jonathan David Helser
Kristene DiMarco
Sean Feucht
Steffany Gretzinger
Kalley Heiligenthal
Melissa Helser
Brian Johnson
Jenn Johnson
William Matthews (past member)
Paul McClure
Hannah McClure
Jeremy Riddle
Matt Stinton
Hunter G.K. Thompson
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Starlight 英文
2.You Came (Lazarus)
3.For The One
4.Old For New
5.Catch The Wind
6.I See the Light (spontaneous)
7.The War Is Over
8.King of my Heart
9.Take Courage
10.Breathe (spontaneous) (提供)
12.There's No Other Name
13.Extravagant (acoustic)
Have It All 英文
1.Shine on Us
2.Faithful to the End
3.Have It All
4.Colors (spontaneous) (提供)
5.Be Enthroned
7.Lion and the Lamb
8.Thank You
9.Praises (Be Lifted Up)
10.Heaven Come
11.Sweet Praise (spontaneous) (提供)
12.Son of God
13.Greatness of Your Glory
14.Spirit Move
15.Glory to God (提供)
Have It All Live 英文
1.Glory to Glory
Without Words: Synesthesia 英文
1.Chroma (提供)
2.This Is Amazing Grace
3.Isabelline (Interlude) (提供)
4.Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (提供)
5.Eminence (Interlude) (提供)
6.Atramentous (Interlude) (提供)
7.Luminosity (Interlude) (提供)
9.Ultramarine (Interlude) (提供)
10.Viridian (Interlude) (提供)
11.In over My Head
12.Synesthesia (Interlude) (提供)
We Will Not Be Shaken 英文
1.We Will Not Be Shaken
2.Ever Be
3.Who Can Compare To You
4.In Over My Head (Crash Over Me)
5.You Are My One Thing
6.Jesus We Love You
7.Seas of Crimson
8.You Don't Miss A Thing
10.No Longer Slaves
You Make Me Brave 英文
1.You Make Me Brave
2.It is Well
3.We Step into Freedom (Spontaneous) (提供)
6.Wonder (Spontaneous)
7.We Dance ( Audio Only)
8.I Belong to You ( Audio Only)
9.A Little Longer
10.Joy of the Lord (Spontaneous) (提供)
Tides 英文
1.Chasing You
2.Tides (提供)
4.Heaven's Song
5.Be Still
6.Give Me Jesus
7.I Can Feel You
8.Strong In Us
9.Come Awaken Love
10.Letting Go
12.Breaking Through
13.For The Cross
The Loft Sessions 英文
1.One Thing Remains
2.My Dear
3.You Have Won Me
4.Come to Me
5.Walk in the Promise
6.You Know Me
8.Fall Afresh
9.Draw Near
10.This Is What You Do
11.Angels (Acoustic) (提供)
12.Afresh (Acoustic) (提供)
Be Lifted High 英文
1.One Thing Remains - feat. Brian Johnson
2.Be Lifted High - feat. Brian Johnson
3.Furious - feat. Jeremy Riddle
You Make Me Brave (Live) 英文
1.A Little Longer (Live)
2.Joy of the Lord (Live) [Spontaneous]
3.Come to Me (Live)
4.We Step Into Freedom (Live) [Spontaneous]
Here Is Love 英文
1.My Soul Sings - feat. Brian Johnson
2.I've Found A Love (Love Came Down) - feat. Jenn Johnson
3.I Love Your Presence - feat. Jenn Johnson
4.Healer - feat. Leah Valenzuela
5.I Need You More - feat. Kim Walker-Smith
6.Here Is Love - feat. Brian Johnson
7.You Make Me Happy (Spontaneous)
For the Sake of the World 英文
1.Everything to You (Spontaneous) - Live
2.This Is Amazing Grace - Live
3.Forgiven - Live
4.Closer - Live
5.Who You Are - Live
暂存 英文
1.To Our God
2.One Thirst
3.Worthy Is The Lamb
4.I Will Exalt
5.What Does It Sound Like
6.God I Look To You
8.For The Sake Of The World
9.Tip of My Toes/ I Have Found My Joy (Spontaneous)
11.We Will Not Be Shaken (Live)
12.You Make Me Brave (Live)
13.Be Lifted High - Live
14.Have It All (Studio Version)
15.Have It All (Live)
16.Seas of Crimson (Live)
17.One Things Remains
18.Greatly to Be Praised
19.You Are Good
20.Be Lifted High
21.Love Came Down
22.Nearness (Live)
23.In Over My Head (Crash Over Me) (Live)
24.O Taste and See
25.Forever and a Day
26.Our Father
27.Everything to You (Spontaneous)
28.You Make Me Brave (Studio Version)
29.I Will Exalt (feat. Amanda Cook)
30.I Belong to You
31.You Don't Miss a Thing (Live)
32.Starlight (Live)
33.You Came (Lazarus) (Live)
34.Come to Me (feat. Jenn Johnson)
35.What Would I Have Done
36.For the One (Live)
37.Shepherd (Live)
38.Wonder (Live) [Spontaneous]
39.I Belong to You (Live)
41.God of the Redeemed
42.In Your Light
44.Hope's Anthem
45.Deep Cries Out
46.This Is What You Do (feat. Matt Stinton)
47.Who Can Compare to You (Live)

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