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B-Sides, etc. 英文
1.Lifetime in One Night
2.Pure at Heart
3.Victim's Charm (提供)
The Gospel of the Red-Hot Stars 英文
1.Prelude (提供)
2.The Virtuous Woman (提供)
3.Rumor (7 PM) (提供)
4.Psalm No. 3 (提供)
5.The Rope (8 PM) (提供)
6.Interlude No. 1 (提供)
7.A Very Damnable Witchcraft (提供)
8.The Bonnets (9 PM) (提供)
9.Psalm No. 34 (提供)
10.Grace (10 PM) (提供)
11.Psalm No. 42 (提供)
12.Prayer (Midnight) (提供)
13.Interlude No. 2 (提供)
14.Despair (2 AM) (提供)
15.The Death of Every Sin (提供)
16.Nightbirds (3 AM) (提供)
17.Psalm 136 (提供)
18.Interlude No. 3 (提供)
19.The Gospel of the Red-Hot Stars (6 AM) (提供)
Party Girl 英文
1.Lovers Are Strangers
3.Party Girl
4.I Kiss the Hand of My Destroyer
5.Left You at the Farm
6.Friday Night
7.I'll Be Your Woman
8.Montreal Love Theme (提供)
9.Party Girl (Party Mix)
Show Me The Face 英文
1.Let's Meet
2.Woman's Touch
4.Wrong Side Of The Fence
5.It's No Compliment
6.God Bless My Socially Retarded Friends
7.Drawn To You
8.Show Me The Face
9.Acid Broke The Spell
10.Keep In Mind
Let's Part in Style 英文
1.Good Times Don't Carry Over
2.Woman Is Still a Woman
3.To Be With Others
4.Where Goes the Night
5.What Was Said
6.Blue Eyes Unchanged
7.Let's Part in Style
暂存 英文
1.Kiss in Taksim Square
2.Chinawoman - Woman Is Still a Woman (Ralph Ghayad Remix)
3.Vacation from Love

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