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Open Carefully: Message Inside 英文
1.Coming Soon (提供)
2.It's Done (提供)
3.Thank You Dear God (提供)
4.Get On Board (提供)
5.He Made The Tree
6.Lead Me To That Fountain
7.He's In Control (提供)
8.Will You Go? (提供)
9.O Far Country
10.Climbing Upward (提供)
11.I Sailed Back
Drive Time 英文
1.Gone At Last (提供)
2.Country Store
3.Leavin' And Lovin' (提供)
4.Love On Arrival (提供)
5.The Greenbrier Hop (提供)
6.Precious Memories (提供)
7.Gone Long Gone (提供)
Lonely Street 英文
1.Monroe's Mandolin (提供)
2.Lonely Street (提供)
3.Ain't A Woman Somebody When She's Gone (提供)
4.Big Wind (提供)
5.Oh Heart, Look What You've Done (提供)
6.The Human Race (提供)
7.Call Me Up And I'll Come Callin' On You (提供)
8.Yesterday's Songs (提供)
9.Down Around Bear Cove (提供)
10.Johnny And Sally
11.My Real World Of Make Believe (提供)
12.When The Last Of Our Days Shall Come (提供)
You Gotta Dig A Little Deeper 英文
1.Heartbreak Number Nine
2.Four Walls (提供)
3.The Girl In The Valley
4.You Gotta Dig A Little Deeper
5.Saving Grace
6.Rosine (提供)
7.Girl From West Virginia
8.Blues For My Darling (提供)
9.Love Me As You'd Love The Rain
10.What Ain't To Be, Just Might Happen (提供)
11.Oak Valley Girl
12.When I'm Knee Deep In Bluegrass
More Behind The Picture Than The Wall 英文
1.Sadie's Got Her New Dress On
2.The Phone Call
3.The Selfishness In Man
4.Mississippi River Let You Water Flow
5.More Behind The Picture Than The Wall
6.Tulsa Turn-a-round (提供)
7.Whatever Happened To Us
8.Just Loving You
9.When The Blues Are Movin' In
10.Ocean Of Teardrops
11.Can You Hear Me Now
12.Can You Hear Me Now ( Retro 1938 )
Kept & Protected 英文
1.My Lord Is Writing All the Time
2.Lord I'm Ready to Go
3.You Are My Hiding Place
暂存 英文
1.The Little Mountain Church House
2.Help Me Lord
3.The End of the Road
4.Little Mountain Church
5.Carolina in the Pines
6.She's Walking Through My Memory
7.A Beautiful Life
8.Our Last Goodbye
9.Help Is On the Way
10.I'm Really Gone
11.Blue Train
12.There's a Light Guiding Me
13.When Life Is Over

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