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Daydreams In A Blackout 英文
2.Yeah Yeah Yeah
3.First Time
4.You And I
5.That Would Be Something (提供)
6.All In Vain
7.Out In The Wild
8.Daydreams In A Blackout
9.Paper Plane
10.Here's To The Love
11.Where We Belong (提供)
Time Will Heal Our Senses 英文
1.Still Life
2.Young Ones
5.Shadows Of The Night
7.Equal To God
8.The Chase
9.Say Something
10.Long Way Home
11.Ships & Shivers
12.Time Will Heal Our Senses
Webcam Girl 英文
1.Webcam Girl (live, 2005: Pinkpop)
2.Cool Without You (live, 2005: Pinkpop)
3.The World's Gone Crazy (Live @ Pinkpop 2005)
4.Adrenaline (Live @ Pinkpop 2005)
This Is Who We Are 英文
1.Natural High
2.When You're Lost
3.Mr. Man
4.Veni Vidi Vici
5.All That We Ever Had
6.Just a Face
7.Walk With Me
8.Flies, Ants and Elephants
9.Hold On
10.This Is Who We Are
She: Special Live Edition 英文
1.She (live)
2.Adrenaline (live)
3.Free (live)
Over The Moon 英文
1.don't kill me tonight
2.Get Up (Di-Rect)
Live At Carré 英文
1.Still Life (Live At Carré)
2.Time Will Heal Our Senses (Live At Carré)
3.Hold On (Live At Carré)
4.Times Are Changing (Live At Carré)
5.Mr. Man (Live At Carré)
6.Natural High (Live At Carré)
7.Flies, Ants & Elephants (Live At Carré)
8.Shadows of the Night (Live At Carré)
9.Long Way Home (Live At Carré) (提供)
10.The Chase (Live At Carré)
11.Walk With Me (Live At Carré)
12.Broken (Live At Carré)
13.This Is Who We Are (Live At Carré)
14.Forgiveness (Live At Carré)
15.Reach (Live At Carré)
16.Say Something (Live At Carré)
17.Holiday (Live At Carré)
18.Equal to God (Live At Carré)
19.Young Ones (Live At Carré)
Johnny 英文
1.Lucky (Live & Acoustic)
2.12345 (Live & Acoustic)
3.Inside My Head (Live & Acoustic)
Di-rect 英文
1.It Feels
2.A Good Thing (Live & Acoustic)
5.A Whole New Era
6.Over & Over
8.One Step Closer
9.Break Us in Two
10.Bring Down Tomorrow
11.I Just Can't Stand
12.Hey Boy (Live & Acoustic)
Di-Rect: Live & Acoustic 英文
1.Rollercoaster (Live & Acoustic 2008)
2.A Whole New Era (Live & Acoustic 2008)
3.A Good Thing (Live & Acoustic 2008)
4.I Just Can't Stand (Live & Acoustic 2008)
5.Bring Down Tomorrow (Live & Acoustic 2008)
6.Blind for You (Live & Acoustic 2008)
7.She (Live & Acoustic 2008)
8.Cool Without You (Live & Acoustic 2008)
9.Inside My Head (Live & Acoustic 2008)
10.Free (Live & Acoustic 2008)
11.Back to Life (Live & Acoustic 2008)
12.Just the Way I Do (Live & Acoustic 2008)
13.Confidence (Live & Acoustic 2008)
14.Johnny (Live & Acoustic 2008)
15.Hey Boy (Live & Acoustic 2008)
16.It Feels (Live & Acoustic 2008)
17.Hungry for Love (Live & Acoustic 2008)
18.Don't Kill Me Tonight (Live & Acoustic 2008)
19.Happy (Live & Acoustic 2008)
20.12345 (Live & Acoustic 2008)
21.Radar Love (Live & Acoustic 2008)
All Systems Go 英文
暂存 英文
1.On The Farm
4.Inside My Head
5.Just The Way I Do
8.Freerider (Mix)
9.Get Away
10.I Can't
11.Let Me Go
12.My Generation
14.The Life I Live
15.Inside my heart
17.Fired Up
18.Here & Now
19.Follow - Live @ P60
20.Superman - Live @ p60
21.Move On
22.Free (To Change the World)
23.Cool Without You
24.Stuck in the Middle
25.The World's Gone Crazy
26.Sell Your Soul
27.Blind for You
28.Underground Cafe
29.On the Farm (live)
30.My Generation (live)
31.Get Up
32.Name of the Game
33.I Forget Your Name
34.Times Are Chaning (East & Young remix)
35.I Just Can't Stand (ErickE Remix)
36.Young Ones (Sander Kleinenberg LA Remix)
37.Young Ones (D-Block & S-Te-Fan remix)
38.Johnny (Acoustic Version)
39.Times Are Changing (Franky Rizardo Remix)
42.Never Again
43.With a Little Help
44.Love in Kind

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