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Dennis Emmanuel Brown CD(1957年2月1日 - 1999年7月1日)是牙买加雷鬼歌手。 在他多产的职业生涯中,他从十六世纪六十年代后期开始,当时他十一岁,他录制了超过75张专辑,并且是雷鬼摇滚乐的一个分支,是摇滚乐的主要明星之一。 鲍勃马利引用布朗作为他最喜爱的歌手,配音他“雷鬼王储”,布朗将证明对后代雷鬼歌手有影响。
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Satisfaction Feeling 英文
1.If This World Were Mine (Extended Version)
2.Give Me Your Loving
3.Easy Take It Easy (Extended Version) (提供)
4.Oh Girl (提供)
5.I Play Rub a Dub All the Time (feat. Anthony Cruz) (提供)
6.The Look of Love (Extended Version)
7.Unite Brotherman (提供)
8.Satisfaction Feeling (Extended Version) (提供)
9.Praise Without Raise (提供)
10.I Don't Want To Be a General (提供)
The Crown Prince Of Reggae 英文
1.Open The Gate
2.Too Much Information (提供)
3.Here I Come Again (提供)
4.Run too Tuff (提供)
5.You & your Smiling face
6.Show Us the Way (提供)
7.Truths & Rights (提供)
8.G-D Bless My Soul (提供)
9.No More Will I Roam (提供)
10.Travelling Man (提供)
Dennis Brown Dubbing At King Tubby’s 英文
1.Casandra Dub (提供)
2.Life After Dub (提供)
3.Give A Helping Dub (提供)
4.Open Up Dub (提供)
5.Take A Dub (提供)
6.My Dub (提供)
7.Africa Dub (提供)
8.Silver Dub (提供)
9.Travelling Dub (提供)
10.Wolf And Leopards Dub (提供)
11.West Bownd Dub (提供)
12.Come Again Dub (提供)
13.Tribulation Dub
14.Tenement Dub (提供)
15.Yagga Dub (提供)
16.No Good Dub (提供)
17.Conqureing Dub
18.No More Dub (提供)
Your Easter Present - Love To Reggae (Remastered) 英文
1.Words of Wisdom (Remastered)
2.Should I (Remastered)
3.Hot Like a Melting Pot (Remastered)
4.If I Didn't Love You (Remastered)
Words Of Wisdom 英文
1.A True
3.Rasta Children
4.Black Liberation
6.Ain't That Loving You
7.Words of Wisdom
8.So Jah Say
9.Don't Feel No Way (提供)
10.Should I
Wolf & Leopards 英文
1.Latley Girl
2.Rain from the Sky (Rollin' Down)
3.By the Foot of the Mountain
4.Brother Stop the Fussing & Fighting
5.Party Time
Visions of Dennis Brown 英文
1.Oh Mother
2.Concrete Castle King
3.Jah Can Do It
4.Stay at Home
5.Say What You Say
6.Deliverance Will Come
7.Love Me Always
Ultimate Collection 英文
1.Have You Ever Been in Love
2.Stting and Watching
3.Love Has Found Its Way
4.If I Had the World
5.The World Is Troubled
The Promised Land 1977-1979 英文
1.Promised Land
2.The Creator
3.Troubled World
4.The Half
5.Together Brothers
6.A Cup of Tea
7.Three Meals a Day
8.Man Next Door
The Best of the Joe Gibbs Years 英文
1.Money in My Pocket (extended 12' version)
2.Hold on to What You Got (extended 12' version) (提供)
3.Deliverance Will Come
4.The World Is Troubled
Reggae Remembers: Bob Marley and Dennis Brown 英文
1.Ain't That Lovin' You (Live)
2.Milk and Honey (Live)
3.So Jah Say (Live)
4.Wolves and Leopards (Live) (提供)
Reggae Legends 英文
1.Words of Wisdom (Live)
2.Drifter (Live)
3.Whip Them Jah Jah (Live)
Money in My Pocket: 1970-95 Anthology 英文
1.Whip Them Jah Jah
3.Equal Rights
4.Man Next Door
6.Why Must I
Milk and Honey 英文
2.Milk and Honey
3.Caress Me Girl (提供)
4.Never Can Say Goodbye
Lovers Paradise 英文
1.Children of Israel
3.Party Time
4.Love Has Found It's Way
Love & Hate: The Best of Dennis Brown 英文
1.Stop the Fussing & Fighting
2.Get Myself Together
3.Hold On to What You've Got
Jet Star Reggae Max 英文
1.Little Green Apples
3.Rocking Time (提供)
4.Here I Come (80's Style)
Greatest Hits 英文
1.If I Didn't Love You
2.Without You
Feel the Reggae - Bob Marley and Dennis Brown 英文
1.Money in My Pocket (Live Version)
2.Ain't That Lovin' You (Live Version)
3.Wolves and Leopards (Live Version) (提供)
4.So Jah Say (Live Version)
5.Milk and Honey (Live Version)
6.Words of Wisdom (Live Version)
Absolutely the Best of Dennis Brown 英文
1.My Time
2.Some Like It Hot
3.Wolves and Leopards (提供)
4.Westbound Train
5.Hot Like a Melting Pot
7.Love Jah
8.Silver Words
9.Here I Come
暂存 英文
1.I Don't Know Why
3.Here We Go Again
4.Always On My Mind
5.Sea of Love
6.Hold On To What You Got
7.Wolf and Leopards
8.Lips Of Wine
9.He Can't Spell
10.The Last Thing On My Mind
11.The More I Excel
12.Musical Heatwave
14.Have You Ever
15.Baby Don't Do It
16.Save A Little Love For Me
17.Money in My Pocket (1978 Version)
18.Sitting and Watching
19.To The Foundations
20.So Long Rastafari
21.Things In Life
22.Everybody's Talking at Me
25.Funny Feeling
26.I Believe
27.Let Me Down Easy
28.Changing Times
29.Children Of Israel
30.Wolf and Leopard
31.How Could I Let You Get Away
32.Go Now
33.Say What You're Saying
34.The Look Of Love - 7 '
35.It's Too Late
36.Victory Is Mine
37.Money In My Pocket
38.Love Has Found It's Way (Live)
39.Poor Side Of Town
42.Wolf and Leopard (Live)
43.Love I Can Feel - Remastered
44.The Promise Land
45.Get Myself Together (New Style)
46.Revolution - Live
47.Slave Driver
48.Raindrops Keep Falling
49.How Could I Leave
50.How Could I Leave (Live)
51.Easy Take It Easy
52.Africa - Original
53.If I Had the World (Live Concert Version)
54.Let's Get Together
55.Coming Home Tonight
56.Whip Them Jah Jah (Version)
57.For You
59.Let Me Live
60.Smile Like an Angel
61.My Girl
62.The Prophet Rides Again (Live)
63.How Can I Leave You
64.More Than Words Can Say
65.To the Foundation
67.Queen Majesty
68.Girl I've Got a Date
69.Another Day in Paradise
70.Second Chance
71.If I Follow My Heart
72.Night nurse
73.To the Foundations (extended version)
74.Message to Martha
75.Can't Let You Go
77.Lately Girl
78.Lost Without You
79.Rub A Dub
80.Here I Come - Original
81.No Man Is a Island
82.You Are My Inspiration

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