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Twelve Mile Road 英文
1.Buckskin Horse
2.Blackjack (提供)
3.Twelve Mile Road (提供)
4.All I Need Is You (提供)
5.Song for Jake
6.If I Had Money (提供)
7.Never Gonna Rain (提供)
8.Sage In Her Hair (提供)
9.Bubba and the Goat (提供)
10.Wild Sierra (提供)
11.Comfortable Shoes (提供)
12.Sweet Grass County Line (提供)
Come Ride With Me 英文
1.Crazy Mary (提供)
2.Come Ride With Me
3.In Old McGee Canyon (提供)
4.Desert Winds (提供)
5.Sharon Littlehawk (提供)
6.Dusty Road
7.The Mission Bell (提供)
8.Used Rough (提供)
9.Geronimo's Children (提供)
10.Someone Go Back Home (提供)
11.Intro to Ruby (提供)
12.Ruby Could Sing (提供)
13.One More for My Baby (Bonus Track) (提供)
It's Just a State of Mind 英文
1.Opening Remarks By Dave Stamey (提供)
2.Introduction of Dave Stamey (提供)
3.It's the West
4.Intro to Someone Needs to Go (提供)
5.Someone Needs to Go Back Home
6.Intro to Montana (提供)
7.Intro to If I Only Had a Horse (提供)
8.If I Only Had a Horse (提供)
9.Intro to Campfire Waltz (提供)
10.Introduction to Dusty Roads (提供)
11.Dusty Roads (提供)
12.Introduction to the Mission Period (提供)
13.Intro to Dude String (提供)
14.Dude String Trail
15.Intro to the Vaquero Song (提供)
16.Intro to the Bandit Joaquin (提供)
17.Intro to Ruby Could Sing (提供)
If I Had a Horse 英文
1.Campfire Waltz (提供)
2.Somewhere West of Laramie
3.If I Had a Horse
4.Talkin' Bronc Ballet Blues
5.The Bandit Joaquin
6.Montana Summers (提供)
7.Cowboy Moon (提供)
8.The Skies of Lincoln County
9.My Journey Back to You (提供)
10.Spin That Pony
11.A Pan Full of Dust (提供)
12.The Trail Took Me Away (提供)
Wheels 英文
1.Crossing the Plains (提供)
2.Jingle In My Jeans (提供)
3.Pretty Pauline (提供)
5.Child of the Desert (提供)
6.The Dude String Trail (提供)
7.Streets of Laredo (提供)
8.Saddle Tramp (提供)
9.Three Quarter Time (提供)
10.Riding Another Circle (提供)
11.South Coast (提供)
Campfire Waltz 英文
1.Don't Fence Me In
2.Ride an Ol' Paint (提供)
3.Sonora's Death Row (提供)
4.Ridin' the Sage (提供)
5.Night Rider's Lament
6.Carry Me Back (提供)
7.Mr. Shorty
8.Coyotes (提供)
9.Old Red (提供)
10.Chime Bells (提供)
11.Ready to Stand (提供)
12.Strawberry Roan (提供)
13.The Old Double Diamond (提供)
Tonopah 英文
1.The Border Affair (提供)
2.Opal (提供)
3.May the Trail Rise Up to Greet You (提供)
4.The Circle
5.Dear John (提供)
6.The Vaquero Song
7.Rosa May (提供)
8.Desert Trails (提供)
9.Going to the West (提供)
11.The Bones of Benny Gray (提供)
Buckaroo Man 英文
1.The Auctioneer (提供)
2.Mountain Wind
3.Princess Di (提供)
5.Desert Blues (提供)
6.Buckaroo Man
7.Uncle Harvey's Plane
9.Riding Down the Canyon (提供)
10.Mountains of the Heart (提供)
11.McGee Creek (The Packer's Song) (提供)
暂存 英文
1.I Am My Own Grandpa

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