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魔镜歌词网欧美歌手Frank Turner( 法兰克·特纳 )
Frank Turner( 法兰克·特纳 )【 共收藏 20 张专辑, 281 首歌 】
弗朗西斯·爱德华·弗兰克·特纳(Francis Edward 'Frank' Turner,生于1981年12月28日)是来自汉普郡米恩斯托克的英国民谣歌手兼词曲作者。他以后硬核乐队Million Dead的主唱开始了自己的职业生涯,之后在乐队2005年的分裂之后开始了一个基于声音的独唱生涯。在演播室和现场表演中,Turner由他的支持乐队The Sleeping灵魂包括本·劳埃德(吉他,曼陀林),塔兰特·安德森(贝斯),马特·纳西尔(钢琴,曼陀林)和奈杰尔·鲍威尔(鼓)。

到目前为止,特纳已经发行了六张个人专辑,三张精选合辑专辑,一张分割专辑和五张专辑。 Turner的第六张录音室专辑“Positive Songs for Negative People”于2015年8月7日发行。



本·劳埃德 - 吉他,口琴,曼陀林
Tarrant安德森 - 低音
马特纳西尔 - 钢琴,风琴,吉他,伴唱
奈杰尔·鲍威尔 - 鼓,打击乐,支持vocals


凯尔·奥多尔蒂(Cahir O'Doherty) - 吉他,伴唱(Turner正在恢复严重的背部受伤,无法在舞台上弹吉他)
丹·艾伦 - 客串吉他手,伴唱(2013年欧巡赛)
菲利克斯·哈根 - 钢琴,背音(2017年至今)
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Mittens 英文
2.Least Of All Young Caroline
3.Little Aphrodite
4.Cleopatra In Brooklyn
5.The Armadillo
2.The Ballad of Me and My Friends
3.Dan's Song
4.Born to Run
6.The Corner
7.Live & Let Die
8.Pancho & Lefty
9.There Are Bad Times Just Around the Corner
10.American Girl
11.Fields of June
12.Something of Freedom
13.Riot Song
14.Hits and Mrs.
15.Sweet Albion Blues
Positive Songs for Negative People 英文
1.The Angel Islington
2.Get Better
3.The Next Storm
4.The Opening Act of Spring
5.Glorious You
7.Out of Breath
10.Love Forty Down
11.Silent Key
12.Song for Josh
13.Get Better (Acoustic)
14.The Next Storm (Acoustic)
15.The Opening Act of Spring (Acoustic)
16.Glorious You (Acoustic) (提供)
17.Mittens (Acoustic)
18.Out of Breath (Acoustic)
19.Demons (Acoustic)
20.Josephine (Acoustic)
21.Love Forty Down (Acoustic)
22.Silent Key (Acoustic)
23.Old Flames
Tape Deck Heart 英文
1.Time Machine
2.Undeveloped Film
4.Losing Days
5.The Way I Tend To Be
6.Plain Sailing Weather
7.Good & Gone
8.Four Simple Words
9.Polaroid Picture
10.The Fisher King Blues
12.Oh Brother
13.Broken Piano
14.We Shall Not Overcome
15.Wherefore Art Thou Gene Simmons?
17.Tell Tale Signs
18.Oh Brother (Live From London 2013)
19.Plain Sailing Weather (Live From London 2013)
20.Cowboy Chords
Losing Days 英文
1.Hits & Mrs.
2.Longing For the Day
3.Who's Got a Match
England Keep My Bones 英文
2.Nights Become Days
4.Glory Hallelujah
5.Peggy Sang The Blues
6.I Am Disappeared
7.English Curse
8.One Foot Before The Other
9.If Ever I Stray
10.Wessex Boy
11.I Still Believe
13.Song For Eva Mae
15.Balthazar, Impresario
16.Peggy Sang The Blues (Acoustic)
17.I Still Believe (Acoustic)
18.I Am Disappeared (Acoustic)
Poetry Of The Deed 英文
1.Live Fast Die Old
2.Try This At Home
3.Dan's Song
4.Poetry Of The Deed
6.The Fastest Way Back Home
7.Sons Of Liberty
8.The Road
9.Faithful Son
10.Richard Divine
11.Sunday Nights
12.Journey Of The Magi
13.Mr. Richards (Acoustic)
14.Our Lady Of The Campfires
Love Ire & Song 英文
1.Love Ire & Song
2.I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous
3.Reasons Not To Be An Idiot
6.Better Half
7.Imperfect Tense
8.To Take You Home
9.Long Live The Queen
10.A Love Worth Keeping
11.St Christopher Is Coming Home
12.Jet Lag
Xtra Mile High Club, Vol. 9: Live at the Roundhouse, London 英文
1.Vital Signs - Live at the Roundhouse, London
2.Redemption - Live at the Roundhouse, London
3.Jet Lag - Live at the Roundhouse, London
4.Journey of the Magi - Live at the Roundhouse, London
The Second Three Years 英文
1.Sailor's Boots
2.Song for Eva Mae
4.Barbara Allen
5.Father's Day
6.Fathers Day
7.Mr. Richards - Acoustic
8.Mr Richards
9.Last Christmas
10.The Greatest Day
11.Song to Bob
12.Thunder Road (提供)
14.Build Me Up Buttercup
16.The Slow Train
The First Three Years 英文
1.Worse Things Happen at Sea (Truck Sessions)
2.Imperfect Tense
4.Jet Lag
5.Nashville Tennessee
6.The Real Damage
7.The Outdoor Type
8.Imperfect Tense - Truck Sessions
9.Photosynthesis - Truck Sessions
10.Longing for the Day
11.I Really Don't Care What You Did On Your Gap Year
12.The District Sleeps Alone Tonight
13.Jet Lag (Rock)
14.Dancing Queen
Ten for Ten 英文
1.The Next Storm - Demo Version
2.Substitute (Live at the BBC)
3.Isabel (Live)
4.Redemption (Matt Nasir Mix)
5.Atlanta Curse
6.Wessex Boy (Original Demo)
7.I Am Disappeared (Live)
8.The Ballad of Me & My Friends - Demo Version
9.Hits & Mrs. - Demo Version
Take to the Road 英文
1.The Road (Live)
2.Photosynthesis (Live)
3.Reasons Not to Be an Idiot (Live)
4.The Ballad of Me and My Friends (Live)
5.Journey of the Magi (Live)
6.I Knew Prufrock Before He Was Famous (Live)
7.Fathers Day (Live)
8.Love, Ire and Song (Live)
9.Barbara Allen (Live)
10.Sons of Liberty (Live)
11.Smiling At Strangers On Trains (Live)
12.Our Lady of the Campfire (Live)
13.Nashville Tennessee (Live)
14.Poetry of the Deed (Live)
15.The Real Damage (Live)
16.Try This At Home (Live)
17.Substitute (Live)
18.Long Live the Queen (Live)
Spotify Live EP 英文
1.Recovery - Live From London / 2013
2.Losing Days - Live From London / 2013
3.I Still Believe - Live From London / 2013
Sleep Is for the Week: Tenth Anniversary Edition (Live from the Vic, Swindon, 6th April 2007) 英文
1.The Real Damage (Live from the Vic, Swindon, 6th April 2007)
2.Nashville Tennessee (Live from the Vic, Swindon, 6th April 2007)
3.Father's Day (Live from the Vic, Swindon, 6th April 2007)
4.St Christopher Is Coming Home (Live from the Vic, Swindon, 6th April 2007)
5.Worse Things Happen at Sea (Live from the Vic, Swindon, 6th April 2007)
6.Casanova Lament (Live from the Vic, Swindon, 6th April 2007)
7.Smiling at Strangers on Trains (Live from the Vic, Swindon, 6th April 2007)
8.Thatcher Fucked the Kids (Live from the Vic, Swindon, 6th April 2007)
Polaroid Picture 英文
1.The Modern Leper (Cutting Room Sessions)
2.Who's Got a Match (Cutting Room Sessions)
3.Who's Got a Match
4.Plea From a Cat Named Virtute
5.Sweet Albion Blues
6.Polaroid Picture
Poetry of the Deed (Bonus Track Version) 英文
1.Isabel (Acoustic Version)
2.Sunday Nights
3.Richard Divine
4.The Road
5.Sons of Liberty
7.Poetry of the Deed
8.Try This At Home
9.Live Fast Die Old
10.Faithful Son
11.The Fastest Way Back Home
12.Dan's Song
13.Our Lady of the Campfires
14.Poetry of the Deed (Acoustic Version)
15.Mr. Richards (Acoustic Version)
16.Journey of the Magi
Love Ire & Song + the First Three Years 英文
1.This Town Ain't Big Enough for the One of Me
2.The Outdoor Type
3.I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous
4.Better Half
5.The Real Damage
6.Nashville Tennessee
8.Imperfect Tense
9.Reasons Not to Be an Idiot
11.Love Ire & Song
12.To Take You Home
13.Long Live the Queen
14.St Christopher Is Coming Home
15.St. Christopher Is Coming Home
16.Imperfect Tense - Truck Sessions
17.I Really Don't Care What You Did on Your Gap Year
18.Hold Your Tongue
19.Front Crawl
20.Jet Lag
21.Worse Things Happen at Sea
22.District Sleeps Alone Tonight
23.Smiling at Strangers on Trains
24.Dancing Queen
25.Jet Lag (Rock)
26.Photosynthesis (Truck Sessions)
27.A Love Worth Keeping
Live at iTunes Festival London 2010 英文
1.Try This At Home (Live At Itunes Festival 2010)
2.Reasons Not to Be an Idiot (Live At Itunes Festival 2010)
3.The Road (Live At Itunes Festival 2010)
4.Photosynthesis (Live At Itunes Festival 2010)
暂存 英文
1.The Quiet One
2.Next Round
3.Pass It Along
4.To Absent Friend
5.Romantic Fatigue
6.The Ladies Of London Town
7.You Are My Sunshine
8.Must Try Harder
9.Wisdom Teeth
10.Worse Things Happen At Sea
11.A Decent Cup Of Tea
12.My Kingdom For A Horse
13.The Ballad Of Me And My Friends
14.Fix Me
15.Once We Were Anarchists
16.Sea Legs
17.Thatcher Fucked The Kids
18.Pay to Cum
19.Vital Signs
20.Back In The Day
21.Heartless Bastard Motherfucker
22.Sunshine State
24.Isabel - Acoustic
25.Try This At Home - Acoustic
26.Poetry Of The Deed - Acoustic
27.The Road - Acoustic
28.Recovery - Live From Austin, USA / 2013
29.The Way I Tend To Be - Live From Austin, USA / 2013
30.Glorious You (Acoustic Version)
31.Wanderlust (Bonus Track)
32.Somebody to Love
33.Oh Brother (Live From London / 2013 / Exclusive Bonus Track)
34.Plain Sailing Weather (Live From London / 2013 / Exclusive Bonus Track)
35.Tattoos (Evoultion Session Demo) [Explicit]
37.The Way I Tend to Be (Live)
38.On a Plain
39.Rock and Roll Romance
40.Wessex Boy (Live)
41.Worst Things Happen At Sea
42.I Am Disappeared (Live Version)
43.Wessex Boy (Live Version)
44.Nashville Tennessee (demo)
45.Back to Sleep
46.There She Is

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