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阿尔伯特·“阿尔”·格林尼(Albert 'Al' Greene,1946年4月13日-)是一位美国歌手,在1970年代早期有多首灵魂乐歌曲在榜单上取得佳绩,包括《Tired of Being Alone》、《I'm Still In Love With You》、《Love and Happiness》和他的代表作《Let's Stay Together》。他被称为“最后一位伟大的灵魂乐歌手”,于1995年被选入摇滚名人堂,在《滚石》杂志“史上最伟大的100位艺人”榜单上排名第66位。


Al Green is Love(1975)


Back Up Train (1967)
Green Is Blues (1969)
Al Green Gets Next to You (1971)
Let's Stay Together (1972)
I'm Still in Love with You (1972)
Call Me (1973)
Livin' for You (1973)
Al Green Explores Your Mind (1974)
Al Green Is Love (1975)
Full of Fire (1976)
Have a Good Time (1976)
The Belle Album (1977)
Truth n' Time (1978)
The Lord Will Make a Way (1980)
Higher Plane (1982)
Precious Lord (1982)
I'll Rise Again (1983)
The Christmas Album (1983)
Trust in God (1984)
He Is the Light (1985)
Soul Survivor (1987)
I Get Joy (1989)
From My Soul (1990)
Love Is Reality (1992)
Don't Look Back (1993)
Your Heart's in Good Hands (1995)
I Can't Stop (2003)
Everything's OK (2005)
Lay It Down (2008)
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The Essential Album Collection 英文
1.Gets Next to You (提供)
2.Let's Stay Together
3.I'm Still In Love With You
4.Call Me
5.The Belle Album (提供)
Still In Love With You 英文
1.Still In Love With You
The Christmas Album 英文
1.What Christmas Means To Me
Don't Look Back 英文
1.Love Is A Beautiful Thing
Al Green Is Love 英文
1.Oh Me Oh My (Dreams In My Arms)
Explores Your Mind 英文
1.Take Me To the River
Call Me 英文
1.Call Me, Come Back Home
2.You Ought to Be With Me
3.Call Me
I'm Still In Love With You 英文
1.Look What You Done for Me2.Look What You've Done For Me
Tokyo... Live 英文
1.Belle (Live)
2.Let's Get Married (Live)
3.Dream (Live)
4.For the Good Times (Live)
5.All 'N All (Live)
The Best Of Al Green 英文
1.Put A Little Love In Your Heart
Now That's What I Call Christmas 3 英文
1.O Holy Night
Love and Happiness 英文
1.Oh, Pretty Woman
2.Here I Am (Come and take Me)
3.Could I Be the One?
4.Love Ritual
5.Strong as Death (Sweet as Love)
7.All 'n' All
8.Let's Stay Together
9.I'm Still in Love With You
10.Loving You
12.That's the Way It Is
13.Tired of Being Alone
15.L-O-V-E (Love)
16.Oh Me, Oh My (Dreams in My Arms)
17.Full of Fire
18.Let It Shine
19.Have a Good Time
20.I Tried to Tell Myself
21.Georgia Boy
Lay It Down 英文
1.Lay It Down
2.Just For Me
3.You've Got The Love I Need
4.No One Like You
5.What More Do You Want From Me
6.Take Your Time
7.Too Much
8.Stay With Me By The Sea
9.All I Need
10.I'm Wild About You
11.Standing In The Rain
Holiday OST 英文
1.Sha La La
Everything's OK 英文
1.I Wanna Hold You
2.I Can Make Music
3.Build Me Up
4.Another Day
5.All the Time
6.Magic Road
7.Nobody But You
8.You Are So Beautiful
9.Perfect To Me
10.Everything's OK
Back Up Train 英文
2.Back Up Train
3.Don't Hurt Me No More
4.Hot Wire
5.Stop And Check Myself (提供)
6.Let Me Help You (提供)
7.I'm Reachin' Out (提供)
8.Don't Leave Me
9.I'll Be Good To You (提供)
10.That's All It Takes (Lady) (提供)
11.Get Yourself Together (提供)
12.What's It All About (提供)
13.A Lover's Hideaway (提供)
Anthology 英文
1.Tomorrow's Dream - Digitally Remastered 93
2.Let's Stay Together
3.Chariots Of Fire
4.Love Ritual
6.I Want To Hold Your Hand
7.Here I Am - Come And Take Me
8.I'm Still In Love With You
10.Have A Good Time
11.Full Of Fire
13.Tired Of Being Alone
14.True Love
A Deep Shade of Green 英文
1.Have You Been Making Out Ok
2.Let's Stay Together
3.Could I Be the One
4.Strong as Death (Sweet as Love)
6.Feels Like Summer
9.Here I Am (Come and Take Me)
10.I'm Still in Love With You
11.L-O-V-E (Love)
13.Have a Good Time
14.For the Good Times
15.Tired of Being Alone
16.True Love
暂存1 英文
1.Be With Me Jesus
2.Simply Beautiful
3.Love And Happiness
4.I'm Glad You're Mine
5.My Sweet Sixteen
6.For The Good Times
7.I Can't Get Next to You
8.What Am I Gonna Do With Myself
9.Ain't No Sunshine
10.Lean On Me
11.How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?
12.A Change Is Gonna Come
13.La-La For You
14.White Christmas
15.Let's Get Together
16.Livin' for You
17.Can't Take My Eyes Off You
18.Wait For Me
19.always and forever
20.Sha-La-La (Make Me Happy)
21.Your Love Is Like the Morning Sun
22.Funny How Time Slips Away
23.Always & Forever
24.Jesus Will Fix It
25.Winter Wonderland
26.Al Green - Let's Stay Together
27.Let's Get Married
28.My Girl
29.There's No Way
31.Ride, Sally Ride
32.What Is This Feeling
33.I'm Hooked On You
34.Nearer My God To Thee
35.Right Now, Right Now
36.Live Free At Last
37.I'd Still Choose You
38.I Feel Like Going On
39.I'd Write A Letter
40.Million To One
41.I've Been Waitin' On You
42.Not Tonight
43.My Problem Is You
44.I'd Fly Away
45.Old Time Lovin
46.Hangin' On
47.Al Green - For The Good Times
48.I Tried To Tell Myself
49.It Ain't No Fun To Me
50.Rainin' In My Heart
51.So Good To Be Here
52.God Is Standing By
53.One Nite Stand
54.Stay With Me Forever
55.Al Green - Lean On Me (Original Version)
56.I Wish You Were Here
57.So Real To Me
58.Everything's Gonna Be Alright
59.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
60.School Days
61.Play To Win
62.Are You Lonely For Me Baby
63.You Say It
64.Sweet Sixteen
65.23rd Psalm
66.Love Is Real
67.Tomorrow's Dream
68.Could I Be The One?
69.Going Away
70.Put A Little Love In Your Hear
71.Truth N' Time
72.Yield Not To Temptation
73.Pretty Woman
74.I Can't Stop
75.Unchained Melody
76.Put A Little Love In Your Heart (Featuring Annie Lennox)
77.Keep Me Cryin'
78.I'm Glad Your Mine
79.God Bless Our Love
80.Give It Everything
81.Wild About You
82.To Sir With Love
83.Get Back
84.What a Wonderful Thing Love Is
85.Jingle Bells
86.Together Again
暂存 英文
1.The Letter
2.Precious Lord
3.How Great Thou Art
4.Put It On Paper
5.One Woman
6.Hold On Forever
7.Highway To Heaven
8.Talk To Me
9.Up Above My Head
11.Let's Stay Together - Single Version
12.Everything Is Gonna Be Alright (Live)
13.Call Me (Live)
14.Take Your Time - Feat. Corinne Bailey Rae
15.Here I Am (Come And Take Me) - 2000 Digital Remaster
16.Don't Leave Me - Digitally remastered
17.Back Up Train - Digitally Remastered
18.I'm So Tired of Being Alone
19.I'm So Glad You're Mine
20.As Long as We're Together (remix edit)
21.Beware (extended version)
22.How Can You Mend a Broken Heart [Notting Hill]
23.As Long as We're Together (single remix)
24.Brand New (Let's Stay Together)
25.So You're Leaving
26.2. Let's Stay Together
27.Living for You
28.Love and Hapiness
29.How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?
30.Guilty (Remastered)
31.Smile a Little Bit More
32.Keep Me Crying
33.I'll Be Home for Christmas
35.Oh Holy Night
36.I've Been Thinkin' About You
37.Let's Stay Together (Pulp Fiction)
38.Ain't No Mountain High Enough
39.Love Ritual (Bwana mix)
40.Starting All Over Again
41.Driving Wheel
42.Pass Me Not
43.People Get Ready
44.The Christmas Song
45.The Way Love Goes
46.You've Got a Friend
47.Silent Night
48.Put a Little Love in Your Heart (Duet with Annie Lennox)

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