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魔镜歌词网欧美歌手Bounty Killer( 赏金杀手 )
Bounty Killer( 赏金杀手 )【 共收藏 5 张专辑, 71 首歌 】
Rodney Basil Price(生于1972年6月12日),被称为赏金杀手,是牙买加雷鬼和舞蹈家deejay。 Allmusic将他描述为“90年代最具侵略性的舞蹈之星”,一个街头难忍的粗鲁的男孩,有着不情愿的枪声。 他是一个舞蹈团体的创始人,被称为与deejay Mavado和Vybz Kartel的联盟。
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Next Millenium 英文
1.No Supastar
Nah No Mercy - The Warlord Scrolls 英文
1.Cellular Phone
2.Spy Fi Die
4.Down In the Ghetto
5.Dead This Time
Greensleeves Rhythm Album 89: Silent River 英文
5th Element 英文
暂存 英文
1.Hey Baby
2.Hip Hop Yngve & Rallykören
3.Benz And Bimmer
4.Down In The Ghetto
5.Fed Up
6.Wutless Bwoy
7.Caan Believe Mi Eye
8.Tear & Bore
9.Tempt Mi
11.Mr Wanna be
12.Eagle And The Hawk
13.Cry For, Lie For
14.Irrelevant Rime
15.Gun Down
17.Reggae Starz
18.Woman A Trail Mi
20.Hip Hopera
21.Suicide Or Murder
22.Killa Is A Killa
23.Deadly Zone
24.Warlord Walk
26.Warlord Nuh Business
27.Can't Believe Mi Eye
28.Gal Turn Me On
29.It's Okay
30.Another Level
31.It's A Party
32.Tune In
33.Smoke Clears
34.Criss Pack A Boots
35.Nuh Whaa Know
36.Dah Sumn Deh
37.Anytime (remix)
38.Bad Man (Party)
39.None a Dem Nuh Bad
40.Check It Back
41.Fed Up (Hip Hop mix)
42.How We Do It (feat. Elephant Man)
43.They Don't Know Bawlin
44.War Face (Ask Fi War) (remix)
45.Marathon ('To Chicago')
46.Seasons of the Year
47.Eyes a Bleed (RZA Remix)
48.High Altitude
49.Nah Trace
50.Gangster Love
51.Down in the Ghetto (Stringin' It Together)
52.Poor People
53.Tempt Me
54.Star Before Dem
55.Eyes a Bleed (AZA remix) (feat. Master Killer)
56.Living Dangerously
57.It's OK
58.All Out
59.Bullet Proof Skin
60.Benz and Bimma
62.Cry for Die For
63.Miss Ivy Last Son

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