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Kathy Mattea( 凯西·马蒂亚 )【 共收藏 12 张专辑, 167 首歌 】
Kathleen Alice 'Kathy' Mattea(生于1959年6月21日)是一位美国乡村音乐和蓝草演员,他的音乐经常带来民谣,凯尔特和传统乡村音乐。她从1984年开始担任唱片艺术家,在Billboard Hot Country歌曲排行榜上排行了三十多首单曲,其中四首达到了排名第一的“Goin'Gone','十八轮和十几朵玫瑰','来自心脏“和”燃烧的旧回忆“,再加上前十名中的十二个。她已经发行了十四张录音室专辑,两张圣诞专辑和一张专辑。她的大部分素材都是在1984年到2000年之间为环球音乐集团纳什维尔的水星唱片纳什维尔分部录制的,后来的专辑是在Narada Productions,她自己的Captain Potato唱片公司和Sugar Hill唱片公司发行的。在她的专辑中,她获得了美国唱片工业协会(RIAA)的五项金牌认证和一项白金认证。她与Dolly Parton,Michael McDonald,Tim O'Brien和她的丈夫Jon Vezner合作。 Mattea也是两次格莱美奖得主:1990年的“Where You You Been”,以及1993年的圣诞专辑“Good News”。
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Calling Me Home 英文
1.Far Cry (提供)
2.Gone, Gonna Rise Again
3.Wood Thrush's Song (提供)
4.West Virginia Mine Disaster
5.Maple's Lament (提供)
6.Hello, My Name Is Coal
7.Calling Me Home
8.Black Waters
9.West Virginia, My Home
10.Agate Hill
11.Now Is The Cool Of The Day
12.Requiem for a Mountain (提供)
Coal 英文
1.The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore
2.Blue Diamond Mines
3.Red-Winged Blackbird
4.Lawrence Jones
5.Green Rolling Hills
6.Coal Tattoo
7.Sally In The Garden
8.You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive
9.Dark As A Dungeon
10.Coming Of The Roads
11.Black Lung
Joy for Christmas Day 英文
1.Unton Us a Child Is Born
2.Angels We Have Heard on High
3.Straw Against the Chill (提供)
4.Hark the Herald Angels Sing
5.Sing, Mary, Sing
6.O Come All Ye Faithful
Love Travels 英文
1.Beautiful Fool
2.Patiently Waiting
3.If That's What You Call Love
4.The Bridge
5.455 Rocket
6.Sending Me Angels
7.The End Of The Line
8.All Roads To The River
9.Love Travels
10.Further and Further Away
11.I'm on Your Side
Lonesome Standard Time 英文
1.Forgive and Forget
2.Lonesome Standard Time
4.Listen To the Radio
5.Standing Knee Deep in a River (Dying of Thirst)
7.Slow Boat
8.Last Night I Dreamed of Loving You
9.Lonely At the Bottom
10.33, 45, 78 (Record Time)
Untasted Honey 英文
1.Untold Stories
2.Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses
3.The Battle Hymn of Love
4.Like A Hurricane
5.As Long As I Have A Heart
6.Life as We Knew It
7.Late in the Day
8.Untasted Honey
9.Every Love
10.Goin' Gone
Walk The Way The Wind Blows 英文
1.Walk The Way The Wind Blows
2.Train Of Memories
4.Love At The Five & Dime
5.Back Up Grinnin' Again
6.Song For The Life
7.Leaving West Virginia
8.You Plant Your Fields
Walking Away a Winner 英文
1.The Streets of Your Town
2.Clown in Your Rodeo
3.Who Turned Out the Light
4.Who's Gonna Know (提供)
Ready for the Storm 英文
1.Rock Me on the Water
2.Summer of My Dreams
3.A Few Good Things Remain
4.Asking Us to Dance
5.Mary, Did You Know
6.Untasted Honey
7.Standing Knee Deep in a River (Dying of Thirst)
8.I Will
9.Ready for the Storm (提供)
10.Nobody's Gonna Rain on Our Parade
11.Last Night I Dreamed of Loving You
12.Late in the Day
Now That's What I Call Christmas 英文
1.Christmas Collage
Big Bang Concert Series: Kathy Mattea (Live) 英文
1.455 Rocket (Live)
2.Walking Away a Winner (Live)
3.Untold Stories (Live)
4.Sending Me Angels (Live)
5.Ready for the Storm (Live)
6.Love Travels (Live)
7.Love at the Five and Dime (Live)
8.Harley (Live)
9.Further and Further Away (Live)
10.Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses (Live)
11.Come from the Heart (Live)
12.Clown in Your Rodeo (Live)
13.Beautiful Fool (Live)
14.Asking Us to Dance (Live)
15.Where've You Been (Live)
暂存 英文
1.Battle Hymn Of Love
2.There Were Roses
3.Mr. Smith Had An Oldsmobile
4.Come From The Heart (1989)
5.18 Wheels & A Dozen Roses (1988)
6.Life As We Knew It (1989)
7.Love At The Five And Dime (1986)
8.Where've You Been (1990)
9.Walk The Way The Wind Blows (1986)
10.A Few Good Things Remain (1991)
11.Lonesome Standard Time (1992)
12.Nothing but a Child
13.Time Passes By
14.From a Distance
15.The Star
16.Love at the Five and Dime
17.That's Easy For You To Say
19.Till I Turn To You
20.Here's Hopin'
21.Come from the Heart
22.Hills of Alabam'
23.Trouble With Angels
24.Love Is My Last Word
25.Mary, Did You Know?
26.Ball and Chain (Live)
27.Down On The Corner
28.Hurt Some
29.I Have Always Loved You
30.Love's Not Through With You Yet
31.There's a New Kid In Town
32.Love Chooses You
33.I'm Alright
34.Whole Lotta Holes
35.She Came from Fort Worth
36.Burnin' Old Memories
37.Maybe She's Human
38.I'll Take Care of You
39.Willow In the Wind
40.Walk the Way the Wind Blows
41.What a Wonderful Beginning
43.Grand Canyon
44.Where've You Been
46.Brightest And Best
47.Right Outta Nowhere
48.You're the Power
49.Walking Away a Winner
50.I Wear Your Love
51.Vacant Chair
52.What Could Have Been
53.True North
54.The Innocent Years
56.Another Man
57.The Cape
58.The Southern Soldier Boy
59.Trust Me
60.Quarter Moon
61.Callin' My Name
62.That's the Deal
63.Slender Threads That Bind Us Here
64.Where Have You Been?
65.God Ain't No Stained Glass Window
66.Street Talk (Live)
67.They Are the Roses

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